Area food establishments cited for health code violations

04/11/2013 9:59 AM

05/20/2014 10:42 AM

Kansas City area food establishments with many critical health code violations. Most violations are corrected at the time of the inspection.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture cited these operations for multiple health code violations.

• Bonito Michoacan, 1150 Minnesota Ave., Kansas City, Kan., had 12 violations during an April 3 follow-up inspection, including workers unloading raw pig carcasses held at improper temperatures in a unrefrigerated pick-up truck.

“All the violations have been corrected,” Armando Romero, owner.

• Margarita Paradise, 9083 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park, had eight violations during an April 4 routine inspection, including raw chicken stored over raw beef in cooler.

Restaurant officials did not return phone calls.

• Pad-Thai Restaurant, 14319 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park, had eight violations during a routine inspection on April 2, including raw chicken stored over cooked curry sauce and raw beef stored over noodles in the cooler.

“Minor violations all of which were corrected on the spot,” said Douglas Palzer, spokesman for the restaurant.

For complete inspection reports on Kansas restaurant operations, go to

The Kansas City Health Department cited the following restaurants.

• The health department temporarily pulled the permit for C. Withers Express on Prospect.

During a follow-up inspection by the health department on March 27, the permit holder of the operation or a representative interfered with the inspection and “made the inspector feel unsafe” to continue the inspection, according to the health department. The inspection was then put on hold.

The permit holder met with health department staff on April 3 and was told the permit would be revoked on April 18th unless a written request for a hearing was submitted before that date. Once the permit is revoked, the permit holder can’t reapply for six months.

“It is rare that we have to take this step, but again, we take the safety of our inspectors very seriously,” said Jeff Hershberger, spokesman for the department.

C. Withers Express had a pre-operational inspection in September 2011. Since then inspection results have varied from no critical violations to 13 critical violations during a mid-2012 inspection. It had a routine inspection on March 7 with 10 critical violations and a follow-up inspection on March 20 with five critical violations.

Officials with C. Withers Express at 3445 Prospect Ave. could not be reached for comment.

• Domino’s Pizza, 204 W. 39th St., was temporarily closed on April 4 due to a 3-compartment sink back-up, indicating a plumbing and sanitation issue. It was reinspected April 5 and allowed to reopen.

A restaurant manager had no comment.

• Papa Lew’s Soul Delicious Food, 2128 E. 12th St., was inspected on April 2 following a complaint. During the inspection there was a floor drain backup during a test, indicating a plumbing issue. The restaurant was temporarily closed. It was reinspected on April 4 and allowed to reopen.

“We appreciate the health department doing their job and keeping Kansas City safe,” said Marvin Lyman, owner.

For complete inspection reports, visit

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