March 6, 2013

Two women are found shot to death on trail in Johnson County park

A gun is recovered with the bodies at Mill Creek Streamway Park in western Shawnee.

The bodies of two middle-aged women who had been shot to death were discovered Wednesday on a trail at the Mill Creek Streamway Park in western Shawnee.

A gun was recovered with the bodies, said Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Howell, who added that investigators were not looking for a suspect at this time.

Howell said investigators had not determined the identities of the women or what relationship they had with each other.

But they believed that both women were connected to a car in the parking lot at the trailhead at 6040 Barker Road.

The bodies were discovered by a passer-by who notified Johnson County park police shortly after 3 p.m. Howell said the scene appeared to be fresh.

The park is in a remote part of Shawnee west of Interstate 435. The trail is in a heavily wooded area, near the Mid-America Sports Complex. The trail connects to Shawnee Mission Park to the south, as well as other parks to the north.

A neighbor whose house overlooks the trailhead said the park is frequented by people jogging, working out or running their dogs. She said the park is busy year-round, though less so in winter.

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