Thieves take ‘significant’ amount of jewelry in smash-and-grab burglary

10/16/2012 1:44 PM

05/16/2014 8:00 PM

Overland Park police asked for help this morning in identifying the thieves who stole a “significant” amount of jewelry during a smash-and-grab jewelry store burglary.

The burglary occurred about 1 a.m. Saturday at the Noble House Jewelry store in the 11600 block of Metcalf Avenue.

Officers responding to a business alarm discovered that burglars had forced their way into the front of the business and smashed several glass cases in the front of the store.

The burglars grabbed a large amount of jewelry before leaving. A total on the estimated loss was still being determined, but it is estimated to be significant, police said.

A complete description of the suspects was not available, however police released photos captured from the surveillance video and also released a portion of the video.

In the video, one burglar pulls a purple covering off a display case and smashes the glass with a crow bar. Meanwhile, another thief is grabbing items from displays around the store and stuffs the items into a white sack.

Once the glass is broken, one of the burglars pulls out the trays of jewelry and shoves the goods into the bag held by the other burglar.

The two burglars then start grabbing more trays of jewelry.

Right before the end of the portion of the surveillance tape, one of burglars rushes to another part of the store.