Did Luke Bryan have National Anthem lyrics on his hand?

So it wasn't just me after all.

Watching country singer Luke Bryan sing the National Anthem before the All-Star game tonight, I could have sworn that I saw him looking down at his hand as he sang ... like had the lyrics written there.

It was pretty darn obvious, right there on the stadium's big screen. I wanted to turn to the people next to me and say, "Did he just? Did you see that?"

But can you blame him? No performer wants to flub the National Anthem in front of millions of people and it's so easily done when nerves kick in.

But in this golden age of social networking, Bryan's apparent crib notes didn't go unnoticed on Twitter.

"Luke Bryan sings the national anthem the way I used to take geometry tests."

"I feel bad for you if you are a Luke Bryan fan…can't believe he just sang the national anthem off the palm of his hand… ‪#embarrassing."

"Luke Bryan apparently needed to go all 8th grade crib sheet to sing them anthem! #Comeonman"

The other Luke Byran talk on Twitter tonight? How tight his jeans were.

We kid you not.

| Lisa Gutierrez

Charlie 'Wild Thing' Sheen spotted at All-Star Game

Could that be? Was it really?
Twitter lit up with rumors that Charlie Sheen was in the house at tonight's All-Star game.
Well, we have the proof.
Sheen was spotted sitting a few rows behind the Royals dugout.
Earlier in the day he helped his longtime friend and former Guns N'Roses guitarist Slash receive a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.
And Charlie didn't even change his hat!
Talk about a busy guy.

| Lisa Gutierrez

Now back to the real world: Royals are woeful 37-47

Positives first: Maybe the Kansas City Royals are going to build off
all the All-Star Game hoopla and get back into the race to win the
Central Division title in the American League.

Negatives now: That's going to be tough to do, because KC is a woeful
37-47 after the first half of the season, 9.5 games out of first
place. And the team was really, really trying to come into the
Midsummer Classic break with a winning record and failed to do that.

The Royals have the 24th worst record in baseball. And the 14-23
win/loss showing at Kauffman Stadium is the worst home record in the

But it's baseball, hope springs eternal, and maybe the pitching staff
will turn around, Billy Butler, Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, Alex
Gordon and the other hitters will really turn it on, and the Royals
will have a fantastic second half.

One thing seems sure: KC fans still like this team. Attendance is up
for the year, and Kauffman Stadium looked like an exceptional place to
play a professional baseball game during the recent All-Star Game

I know I will be going to more games in the second half. I just hope
to see some additional victories on the field.

Yael T. Abouhalkah

Get Billy Butler to promote KC's sales tax, now

The Royals' Billy Butler could run for mayor, or so the saying goes
about the now supremely popular designated hitter.

So it could be a great idea for Mayor Sly James to pick Butler - fresh
off his All-Star Game publicity - to promote Kansas City's next big

That would be passage of the half-cent sales tax for capital
improvements on the Aug. 7ballot.

Personally, I'm not a big supporter of the tax - yet.

But can't you see the ads: Robinson Cano of the Yankees would
represent the people who want to hold KC back, who don't want the tax
to pass.

And then here comes Butler, exhorting voters to endorse the tax for
the home team.


Yael T. Abouhalkah

All-Star finale

What a week! Kansas City, you were gorgeous -- everything I've come to love about my hometown growing up.

The lights will soon dim, though workers clearing the parking lots of Fox and ESPN trucks were expected to be working until at least 7 a.m. as the All-Star Game rolls back out of town.

New York will be hard-pressed to top KC next summer. Now, the NYC can definitely boogie down, but the bar has been set high.

| Tod Palmer, tpalmer@kcstar.com

And Butler ... strikes out. But he'll be back

All of KC - including this writer - was rooting for Billy Butler to do
something positive in his last at bat Tuesday night at the All-Star

But he struck out.

That ended his 0-2 appearance in what he along with Royals fans hope
will be the start of many appearances in the Midsummer Classic.

Now that's a positive thought, right?

Yael T. Abouhalkah

Butler grounds out. Satisfied now?

Billy Butler grounded out in the 7th inning of the All-Star Game
Tuesday night, bringing an end to a sad/beautiful story for KC Royals

On Monday, they repeatedly booed Robinson Cano (and cheered Butler
when he showed up on the video board). That brought out the cries,
from me and others, that the fans went too far. (Believe it or not,
though, some very passionate and sometimes rude people disagreed with
that opinion.)

Then, the fans again booed Cano, even though he played for the American League.

But Butler finally got his chance to stroll to the plate and, after
falling in the hole to Cole Hamels, grounded to third base and was
(not surprisingly) thrown out easily.

The crowd cheered and, barring a big comeback by the American League,
it was Butler's only plate appearance Tuesday night.

Yael T. Abouhalkah

Body art that's worth a second look

It was hard not to gawk at the artwork on Claude Godfrey, originally from upstate New York and now of Wichita. He stopped to indulge passers-by begging to take a picture. Godfrey has ticket stubs, the Royals insignia and plenty of Yankees Hall of Fame players on his back, neck and arms. 
He calls it his midlife crisis. "It was either that it a Corvette. I should gone for the Corvette."
-Dawn Bormann, The Star

AL infected by Royals' sick record at Kauffman?

Walk this one back:

The KC Royals by far have the worst home record in all of baseball, at 14-23.

The Royals are one game out of last place in the American League's
Central Division (yeah, raining on the good news parade again during
All-Star week).

And the American League just fell behind 5-0 in the first inning in
tonight's game when one of baseball's best pitchers - Justin Verlander
- gets bombed. (Although Jose Bautista might have helped him out with
a little better defense.)

So the Royals, who are just sick in a bad way at Kauffman, aren't
giving the American League any home team advantage. At least yet.

Yael T. Abouhalkah

A patriotic scene, uniquely Kansas City

Folks were given red, white or blue T-shirts when they arrived at The K.
Those shirts, along with the gigantic flag unfurled on the field by numerous servicemen and women, made for a very patriotic scene during pregame festivities.
-Jeff Rosen

Free T-shirts

For a pre-game show, ticket holders will be asked to wear free t-shirts.  The coordinated effort should look like the American flag.  Allison Long ''

Yost takes a back seat for this one

Royals manager Ned Yost will be in the home dugout at Kauffman Stadium tonight, but the buck won't stop with him for a change.
Yost is one of the coaches assisting American League manager Ron Washington of the Texas Rangers in the All-Star Game.
He'll be one of two Royals representing KC in front of the hometown crowd. Also on the roster, as a player, is Billy Butler, who could enter the game as early as the second inning.
-Jeff Rosen

Getting to Kauffman a breeze - so far

I passed by beautiful Kauffman Stadium 10 minutes ago, and there were
no traffic backups on eastbound or westbound I-70 exits to the ball

I'm sure some people took the ATA buses. More fans than usual are
carpooling today, too, because of the $25 parking charge.

With game time less than an hour away, we'll see whether the usual
latecomers snarl up traffic close to the stadium.

Then again, if I had paid $450 or more for a ticket to the All-Star
Game, I would have been there when the doors opened a few hours ago.

Yael T. Abouhalkah