Kansas City region to receive $1 million in terrorsim-response funds

03/19/2014 9:49 AM

03/19/2014 11:51 PM

Kansas City is back on the list of communities receiving special terrorism and emergency response grants from the federal government.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver said Tuesday the region has been awarded $1 million from the Urban Areas Security Initiative, known as UASI.

Kansas City had been cut from the list in recent years because its security threats were considered less significant than cities like New York and Los Angeles and because of the size of the federal deficit. Local politicians had said it was unlikely the area would ever qualify for significant funding again.

But on Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security said it awarded $587 million in UASI grants to 39 “highest-risk, highest-threat, highest-density urban areas,” including Kansas City.

“This is an astounding victory for Kansas City and the entire metropolitan region,” Cleaver, a Democrat, said in a statement.

City officials embraced the news.

“That was beautiful,” said Fire Chief Paul Berardi.

The funds, he said, will allow the metro area to maintain critical training and equipment for emergency rescue programs.

The $1 million is significant, but it is far less than what the region used to receive. Between 2003 and 2012, Washington gave the area more than $70 million in UASI grants.

Most of this year’s grants will still go to the cities considered most at risk for a terror attack. The New York area, for example, will receive $178 million in UASI funds.


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