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Schweich spokesman Spence Jackson feared unemployment, suicide note says

Concern over a lack of job prospects may have convinced Spence Jackson to take his own life over the weekend, his final note suggests. “I’m so sorry,” the note said. “I just can’t take being unemployed again.” The note confirms what a Jackson friend told The Star on Monday — that Jackson, 44, was worried about future employment after Missouri auditor Tom Schweich committed suicide Feb. 26.

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As re-election looms, Mayor Sly James gives an upbeat speech on the state of Kansas City

Four years after he took office as Kansas City’s mayor, Sly James said he has the best job in politics and he is proud to lead a city “that is clearly reinventing itself.” In his State of the City speech, delivered before a crowd of more than 300 people at Starlight Theatre, James said: “Flyover country no more, Kansas City is the center of the American renaissance.”


Obama vetoes measure against swifter union elections

President Barack Obama on Tuesday vetoed a measure passed by the Republican-run Congress blocking the National Labor Relations Board from streamlining the process for union elections, saying government should not make it harder for workers to be heard in the workplace.

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In lawsuit, ACLU says the First Amendment protects anonymous political speech

The Missouri office of the American Civil Liberties Union is representing a businessman in Ferguson who wants to publish material about the city’s upcoming municipal elections. Missouri law says campaign communications must include the name and address of the sponsor. But the businessman says he’s afraid of retribution if he identifies himself, so he wants to provide the material anonymously.

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