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‘Living wage’ issue sparks an impassioned debate at KC’s City Hall

Kansas City civil rights and religious leaders implored a City Council committee to adopt a “living wage” requirement that would boost the minimum wage in the city. But the committee postponed a vote after the city attorney warned that Missouri law prohibits cities from taking this action.

Government & Politics

Kansas lawmakers negotiate a tuition freeze

Senate and House budget negotiators reached accord to avoid multimillion-dollar cuts to the University of Kansas and Kansas State University and to freeze tuition at all six state regents universities for the next two years. The lawmakers also agreed on a compromise that would shift individual student aid from public universities to private colleges, but not by as much as the Senate originally planned.

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In lawsuit, ACLU says the First Amendment protects anonymous political speech

The Missouri office of the American Civil Liberties Union is representing a businessman in Ferguson who wants to publish material about the city’s upcoming municipal elections. Missouri law says campaign communications must include the name and address of the sponsor. But the businessman says he’s afraid of retribution if he identifies himself, so he wants to provide the material anonymously.

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