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Many in Johnson County say prosperity comes from government services, not tax cuts

Johnson County taxpayers regularly open their wallets to pay for comfortable living. “You get what you pay for,” said Diane Meyers of Shawnee. But Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback defines the path to prosperity quite differently. He argues for limiting government to basic services so taxpayers don’t have to dig so deep. Cutting taxes, he insists, feeds success stories like Johnson County’s.

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Kansas Supreme Court puts off consideration of a lawsuit concerning the U.S. Senate ballot in Kansas

The lawsuit was aimed at forcing Democrats to nominate a Senate candidate to replace Chad Taylor, who withdrew from the race Sept. 3. Chief Justice Lawton Nuss sent the lawsuit to Shawnee County District Court for further consideration. His decision is likely to delay any final ruling for weeks, making it impossible for Democrats to provide a nominee before November ballots are locked in place.

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