Missouri House panel to consider impeaching Gov. Nixon Wednesday

The Wednesday hearing on three separate impeachment resolutions includes one citing Nixon’s decision to allow same-sex couples who married legally in other states to file joint tax returns in Missouri. Another measure criticizes the governor for the amount of time he took to call a special election to fill legislative vacancies.

U.S. Supreme Court upholds Michigan’s ban on affirmative action

The Supreme Court accorded voters more leeway to challenge affirmative action as justices gave the green light to a Michigan measure that bans preferential treatment in college admissions based on race or ethnicity. In a fractured decision, the court said it lacked the authority to interfere with the political decision made by Michigan voters in 2006 when they amended their state’s constitution.

Future is uncertain for suburban icon King Louie

The former bowling alley and ice rink closed five years ago. Johnson County taxpayers now own it, but some are fuming about that, noting that the $3.6 million the county spent to purchase and stabilize the facility over the last 30 months could have been used to address other public needs.

KCI task force will announce vote on airport’s future May 7

The KCI Terminal Advisory Group held its last public discussion Tuesday, and most members indicated they are ready to choose one of three alternatives: Renovate the individual terminals and keep them separate, renovate the terminals but connect them with a central building or construct a new single terminal.

Missouri governor says flaw in tax cut bill is ‘crippling’

Thanks to one sentence in the bill, Gov. Jay Nixon thinks the General Assembly may be wiping away all taxes for those who earn more than $9,000 a year. He said doing so would strip away two-thirds of state revenue, punch a $4.8 billion hole in Missouri’s budget and ultimately force the closure of public schools, prisons and mental health facilities. But GOP leaders say the governor’s argument is “laughable.”

Brownback signs school finance bill

Gov. Sam Brownback signed a controversial school finance bill Monday that sends million of dollars to schools but also ends mandatory due process hearings before experienced teachers can be fired.

The love is mutual as former Sen. Bob Dole returns home for tour of Kansas

Bob Dole talked politics with former constituents on Monday as the former U.S. senator started a three-day tour of his home state Monday afternoon in Overland Park and Olathe. Dole speculated that Republicans might take control of the Senate this year, questioned President Barack Obama’s leadership acumen and criticized congressional gridlock. He also advocated more U.S. military aid to Ukraine.

KCI task force is poised to recommend airport terminal layout

The KCI Terminal Advisory Group appears ready to decide Tuesday or soon after on a specific terminal configuration for the airport’s future. The group is expected to recommend one of three options: major renovation of two existing terminals, renovation of two existing terminals with a central building connection, or construction of a new single terminal.