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Presdient Obama’s Clean Power Plan faces opposition from Republicans, coal industry

President Barack Obama’s carbon-cutting rules are sure to draw legal challenges plus GOP and coal industry resistance. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback lashed out at the plan Monday after Obama’s announcement.

Government & Politics

Dave Helling: Video is a powerful storyteller but doesn’t always tell the whole story

We’re entering a video age, but we must be careful. Video images can be easily manipulated. Videos have beginnings and ends, unlike reality. Video distortions are rarely a problem in news because reporters and photographers still try very hard to match their work with the facts. When a video producer has a point of view, though, motive is an important thing to consider.


Utility execs see shift to more natural gas, worry about alternative energy and government regulation

Changing regulations and technologies are big concerns for electric utilities, according to the annual survey of utility executives released Tuesday by Black & Veatch, the Overland Park-based global engineering and design firm. But utilities also are embracing the challenges of alternative energy sources, electricity generated by their customers’ home systems and a changing fuel mix that includes more natural gas.


Ferguson spurs 40 new state measures; activists want more

When a white Ferguson policeman fatally shot a black 18-year-old nearly a year ago, the St. Louis suburb erupted in violent protests and the nation took notice. Since then, legislators in almost every state have proposed changes to the way police interact with the public.

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