Gasoline dips below $3 a gallon at some area stations

10/11/2013 8:31 PM

10/11/2013 8:31 PM

The steady, monthlong decline in gasoline prices continues in the Kansas City area, to the point where a few stations were selling unleaded regular for less than $3 a gallon Friday.

Unleaded is averaging just $3.03 on the Missouri side of the metro area, according to AAA, and a few cents more in Kansas because of its higher fuel taxes. That’s down from $3.49 just a month ago.

Whether sub-$3 gas becomes widespread is anyone’s guess, but Mike Right, spokesman for AAA in Missouri, said several factors have lined up in consumers’ favor. As a result, he said, “Missouri, at $3.05, has the lowest average price of any state right now.”

The price of crude oil has been very steady, just above $100 a barrel, Right said, and hurricane season is waning without any severe weather in the Gulf of Mexico. Refineries have been humming along, and the switch from summer to winter fuel blends, which sometimes makes prices spike in October, has gone smoothly.

Right doesn’t try to predict gas prices, but he said “all the people who do” see low prices going forward.


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