It’s more expensive to operate a car in Missouri than in Kansas

08/21/2013 10:26 AM

08/21/2013 9:27 PM

When it comes to gasoline, insurance, muffler repairs and all the other costs of owning a car, Missouri drivers have a much rougher ride than their counterparts in Kansas.

A survey released Wednesday by the personal finance website found that Missouri drivers on average pay $675 more a year than Kansas car owners for repairs, insurance premiums, gasoline, taxes and other fees.

Bankrate’s first Car Cost Index ranked Missouri as the 12th most expensive state to operate a motor vehicle at $3,527 a year.

Kansas ranked 37th at $2,852, below the national average of $3,201 in car ownership costs.

Georgia is the most expensive state, where a typical driver spends $4,233 a year to operate a vehicle. Bankrate cited the state’s overall lack of public transportation and Atlanta’s sprawling metropolitan area as reasons for the high costs of operating a vehicle. In addition, Georgia has the highest auto taxes and fees in the nation.

Rounding out the top five are California, Wyoming, Rhode Island and Nevada.

The cheapest state in the nation for operating a vehicle is Oregon, at $2,204, according to the survey. Oregon motorists benefit from relatively low insurance costs and the absence of a state sales tax, Bankrate said. Also, a typical motorist there logs 16 percent fewer miles than the national average.

For every state, Bankrate determined total car ownership costs using median insurance premiums provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, average repair costs from and average automobile taxes and fees from the Kelley Blue Book. Bankrate said it estimated gasoline spending using pump prices from

In Missouri, the survey found that taxes and fees were more than $500 higher than in Kansas. It also costs about $50 more to insure a vehicle in Missouri than in Kansas. Repair costs were about the same.

Despite higher gasoline taxes in Kansas, car owners paid about $100 less a year at the pump than Missouri motorists, the survey said.

Car ownership costs
State Repairs Taxes/fees Gas Insurance Total
Kansas $352 $861 $1,019 $619 $2,852
Missouri $353 $1,384 $1,123 $667 $3,527


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