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Alan Bavley: Uncommon sense on health care

Joshua Freeman, the head of family medicine at the University of Kansas Hospital, makes the case why a single-payer system — basically, Medicare for all — is the right way to go. According to Freeman, a single-payer system would go a long way toward putting the focus back on patients.


Employers share responses to Obamacare

More employers are reducing the hours of part-time employees to stay under the Affordable Care Act mandate that requires them to offer health insurance to employees who regularly work 30 hours a week, a new survey shows.


Survey finds scant change in employer-sponsored health care plan enrollments

A Mercer survey of employers found that 2015 coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act had “very little impact” on enrollment in employer-sponsored health insurance plans. The Obamacare mandate requiring covered employers to offer plans to employees who normally worked at least 30 hours a week caused little change in the percentage or raw number of enrolled employees, according to the survey.

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