American Royal Parade a star-spangled salute

“Last year, the American Royal chose to honor our United States military with our parade theme. We wanted to give our military and veterans the proper ‘thank you’ they deserve,” writes Cynthia Pistilli Savage, the 2013 chairwoman of the American Royal. “The event, full of American Royal pride and civic support, was such a successful event that we are doing it again on Saturday.”

Targeted redevelopments pay off

On warm fall evenings in the St. Peter/Waterway neighborhood, Waterway Park is the place to be. This urban park in Kansas City, Kan., bustles with activity as children climb on the jungle gym and adults stroll around the new walking path. But it wasn’t always this way.

It’s time to see Obamacare in action

If the critics are right, the best case for drastically modifying the Affordable Care Act or repealing it outright may come from seeing a bad law in action. But for the time being, critics and obstructionists should stand down. It’s too late now.

The Plaza Art Fair boosts the economy, too

One of the largest art fairs in the country and one of the most popular among artists, the Plaza Art Fair has a tremendous economic impact on our city. More important than dollars and cents, though, is the immeasurable effect of the fair and the Plaza on the livability and appeal of Kansas City.

Condo sales show a positive market

A recent article in The Star cited some of the overall challenges with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac financing because of issues in markets such as Miami and across the country, the piece left out some of the bright spots that exist in Kansas City’s condo market.

The slippery nature of subsidies

Low interest rate college loans and other subsidies raise the question: In whose pocket does the money end up? Despite the protestations of educators, I don’t think they’re immune from playing the subsidy game. It’s a game hard to avoid.

Draw up strategy to optimize giving

Philanthropy can serve as the basis for a family legacy — not only for doing good for others, but also for forging deep and lasting bonds across generations. By working with a dedicated philanthropic solutions team to identify specific goals, you can create a program to ensure that your charitable vision is achieved.

Business needs to step up, build trust

Executives should take this as a friendly warning: With all the power and wealth big business and its executives are gaining, they can’t just stand aside from the consequences of income inequality, flat wages and a high jobless rate. If big business won’t step up, government will.

Don’t cut tax incentives that are working

Many cities, including Kansas City and Kansas City, Kan., have benefited from federal tax credits for affordable housing and inner-city development. If these credits were to disappear, so too would billions of dollars of annual investment in America’s poorest ZIP codes.

Drop in U.S. deficit going mostly unheralded

The test for the U.S. going forward will be to keep the deficit and debt under control as the baby boomers age and Social Security and health care costs skyrocket. A declining deficit now will give us more debt capacity later when we’ll really need it.

Bull market looks to have further to run

The bulls have been feeding on a host of good economic news and are licking their chops for more. Still, given the last five lousy years, many of us are watching the battered bears up in those trees, wondering whether they’re going to climb down soon and eat the market rally for lunch.

Debate over KCI flies fast and hard

Reaction to my last column allowing that the advocates of a new single terminal at Kansas City International Airport might have a decent case was certainly bracing. Most of the more than 100 callers, emailers and commenters batted me roundly about. But many others allied themselves with the single-terminal advocates.

With KCI, breaking up is hard to do

After fully hashing out pros and cons, Kansas Citians may want to stick with the old flame. To carry the day, new-airport advocates will have to heavily restack the deck of arguments in their favor. That’s what’s going to be required to toss over a 40-year love affair.