The good questions are those without easy answers

06/23/2014 10:39 PM

07/01/2014 9:49 PM

Grab your coffee, head to the porch and put your feet up to ponder some questions with answers too hard to think much about on a nice summer day:

Why is it a “fiscal disaster” when tax revenues come in lower than expected but not a problem when spending outpaces projections?

Income inequality has been an issue for decades, so why are politicians just now paying attention to it?

Do easy money policies just help the rich get richer without benefiting the middle classes and poor?

Do Kansas Citians really think a renovated KCI will last 30 years? Won’t we just have to renovate it again, thus spending as much as we would for a brand new, updated and modernized airport?

How much do tea party Republicans like barbecue?

Isn’t it about time for the Fed to just flat out say it’s going to begin raising interest rates soon?

In five years, will there be relatively fewer waiters and baristas in Seattle as restaurants automate and become more efficient in response to the $15-an-hour minimum wage?

Won’t being a leading-edge nation cutting carbon emissions give the U.S. a huge competitive advantage over China and other nations when they have to limit emissions?

If global warming is a crisis, why isn’t the U.S. making more of a push into zero-emission nuclear plants? Aren’t they the only way we’ll be able to meet the energy needs of all the computer server farms needed to run the economy?

Isn’t foreign policy also domestic policy?

How come so few commentators and politicians aren’t making more of the fact that the U.S. deficit is declining at a good clip?

Why don’t more people realize that TV and radio pundits, needing to have something to say every hour of every day, usually don’t really know what they’re talking about?

Why all the attention to the Koch brothers and the millions they’re spending to support their politics? If you disagree with them, just vote against the politicians they’re backing. Isn’t voting free?

Why do TV remotes — pardon the language — suck? Wouldn’t someone who invented a more user-friendly one make billions? (For suggesting this, can I get a cut?)

Why do some motorists not think that bicyclists have the same right to the road as they do?

How come not one of 33 advanced nations with an obesity problem has made any progress in combating fatness?

How come Kansas wheat farmers are never happy?

Whoever thought that putting edible marijuana into a yummy-looking candy bar was good idea? (Oh, right. They were high.)

Regarding the VA crisis, is anybody surprised that the demand for free and pretty good health care would result in rationing by long wait times? Or that the government wouldn’t be able to adequately finance such a system?

Though it’s cool to devise incentive systems, doesn’t the key to their success depend on grunt work auditing so people don’t game them?

Are people really against Common Core because it’s too hard?

Isn’t it fun to find ways to save small amounts of money?

When is it right to do the wrong thing?

Which would help poor people more: Wal-Mart raising its wage scale or keeping its prices low?

Why do executives — of either gender — think being a jerk or rude to employees is effective in the long run?

Is it better or worse for consumers for airlines to unbundle their charges so people can choose the services they want to pay for?

Why don’t people realize that rage or anger is never a convincing debate tactic?

How long can musicians survive in the age of free-streaming services?

Did GM not pay proper attention to the Cobalt problem — after all, it made plenty of recalls on other vehicles for minor issues — because it was just a cheap car built to satisfy government mileage standards?

Aren’t the best true light rail routes in the area to and from Johnson County, along the I-435 and I-35 corridors?

Can somebody stop me before I ask again?

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