The latest restaurant health inspections

02/28/2014 2:22 PM

02/28/2014 2:22 PM

The Kansas Department of Agriculture cited these operations for seven or more priority health code violations.

•  Supermarket El Torito (also under Carniceria El Torito), 1409 Central Ave., Kansas City, Kan., had 13 priority violations during a Feb. 18 routine inspection, including cooked beef tongue held in cooler at improper temperature (beef tongue discarded).

“We are working very hard to fix those violations and some of them are very small, minor violations,” said Octavio Sosa, president.

•  Amigo’s Mexican American Grill Cantina, 2737 S. 47th St., Kansas City, Kan., had 11 priority violations during a Feb. 21 routine inspection, including container of red sauce with a date mark of Feb. 13 (beyond the seven day limit so sauce was discarded).

Restaurant officials declined to comment.

•  Taqueria Mexico, 3300 Rainbow Blvd., Kansas City, Kan. had 10 priority violations during a Feb. 13 routine inspection, including mold inside the ice bin.

“We corrected all of the violations,” said Jose Alvarez, manager.

•  Johnnie’s on Seventh, 55 S. 7th St., Kansas City, Kan., had 10 priority violations, during a Feb. 22 routine inspection, including mouse droppings in the cabinet behind the bar, under the 3-compartment sink, on top of the 3-compartment sink, on a box of single packages of mayonnaise, and on shelf of storage rack in the back kitchen area. The restaurant temporarily closed until the violations could be corrected.

It was reinspected on Feb. 23 and had no priority violations and allowed to reopen.

Johnnie’s officials declined to comment.

•  Jamz Bar Grill, 11657 Kaw Drive, Bonner Springs, had 9 priority violations during a Feb. 11 routine inspection, including brown mold on the inner surface of the soda nozzle.

Restaurant officials did not return phone calls.

It had no priority violations during a Feb. 24 follow-up inspection.

•  The Silver Dollar, 6522 Kaw Drive, Kansas City, Kan., had 7 priority violations during a Feb. 21 courtesy inspection, including a dead squirrel and two dead dogs in the freezer. According to the report, the owner was living in the bar area and getting ready to open the operation.

“I didn’t want to serve anyone until I had the whole thing shipshape and I wasn’t going to,” said Joe Taylor, owner. “I have six freezers and that one was not going to be used for anything that would be served to the public. I shot the squirrel 40 years ago and kept in the freezer because very few people have seen a white squirrel before. They are a novelty.”

The Department of Agriculture said a courtesy inspection is typically conducted when a facility calls to request one and it is not time for the routine inspection to be completed. There may be other reasons, but this is the main one.

For complete Kansas Department of Agriculture inspection reports, go to

The Kansas City Health Department cited these operations for 7 or more critical health code violations


•  Pizza Shoppe, 13612 Washington St., had 9 critical violations during a Feb. 13 routine inspection, including employees were not washing hands between tasks at the time of the inspection.

A manager said all the violations have been corrected.

•  Cisco’s Cantina, 10235 N. Oak Trafficway, had 8 critical violations during a Feb. 12 routine inspection, including pan of cheese enchiladas dated Jan. 29, beyond the seven day limit (enchiladas discarded).

“We corrected everything on-site,” said Chris Grado, owner.

For complete reports, visit:

•  China Feast, 1317 N. 38th St., Kansas City, Kan., had 9 priority violations during a Feb. 17 routine inspection, including raw shrimp stored above raw chicken (shrimp relocated in cooler). According to the report, the restaurant voluntarily closed temporarily until the violations were corrected.

The owners did not return phone calls.

It had one priority violation during a Feb. 18 re-opening inspection.


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