Area restaurants cited for health code violations

12/13/2013 12:27 PM

12/13/2013 12:27 PM

The Kansas Department of Agriculture cited these operations for seven or more health code violations. Most violations are corrected at the time of the inspection.


Anna’s BLD Bistro

, 2959 N. 7th Trafficway, Kansas City, Kan., had 8 critical violations during a Nov. 20 routine inspection, including raw chicken stored above a container of sliced raw apples in the cooler.

Bistro officials couldn’t be reached for comment.


Pizza Stop

, 7541 Leavenworth Road, Kansas City, Kan., had eight priority violations during a Nov. 18 routine inspection, including employee used bare hands to cut and transfer cooked pizza from board to plate.

“This is very unfortunate. We have been cooking this since 1977,” said Henry Schrader, co-owner. “We comply with the health laws.”


Restaurante Tierra Caliente

, 624 Kansas Ave., Kansas City, Kan., had 13 priority violations during a Dec. 3 routine inspection, including 36 fresh mouse droppings on a top shelf where utensils are kept and more than 60 fresh mouse droppings behind the make table (person in charge said the restaurant does not use a pest control service).

Restaurant officials did not return phone calls.

For complete Kansas Department of Agriculture inspection reports, go to

The Kansas City Health Department temporarily closed

Gojo Japanese Steak House

at 4163 Broadway on Dec. 5.

The department said roaches were found throughout the restaurant on this third re-inspection. Roaches also were found during its inspections on Nov. 6, Nov. 19, and Nov. 26.

The restaurant was re-inspected on Dec. 7 and allowed to reopen.

The Kansas City Health Department also cited these operations for seven or more critical violations:


Cancun Fiesta Fresh

, 4019 Pennsylvania Ave., had 7 critical violations during a Nov. 13 routine inspection, including fish with freezer burn in the walk-in freezer (fish discarded).

It had one critical violation during a Nov. 21 follow-up inspection.

The owner did not return phone calls.


Chubby’s on Broadway

, 3756 Broadway, had 7 critical violations during a Dec. 4 inspection, including fried chicken, baked chicken and other food on the steam table not held at proper temperatures.

A manager declined to comment.


Corner Cocktails

, 304 W. 85th St., had 7 critical violations during a Nov. 14 inspection, including bags of cooked chicken wings with no date-mark.

It had no critical violations during a Nov. 21 follow-up inspection.

“Everything was addressed and corrected,” said Pat Walsh, owner.


The Kansas City Improv Comedy Club Restaurant and Fat Fish Blue

, Zona Rosa, 7260 N.W. 87th St., had 12 critical violations during a Nov. 23 inspection of their shared kitchen, including mold on sweet potatoes in the produce area.

It was reinspected on Nov. 30 and had 11 critical violations including gnats in several areas of the kitchen, and multiple dead and live roaches in the unused ice bin at the main bar.

“All the issues have been taken care of,” said Jeff Gase, general manager.


Savoy Grill

, 219 W. Ninth St., had 8 critical violations during a Dec. 5 inspection, including numerous gnats in the 2-compartment sink by the walk-in cooler.

“We have dealt with all the criticals except for two people who didn’t have their Food Handler cards and we are taking care of that this week,” said Don Lee, manager/owner.

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