November 26, 2013

Can Saigon 39 restaurant be redeemed? Find out tonight on the Cooking Channel

The Cooking Channel’s “Restaurant Redemption” has some strong advice for the second generation operating Saigon 39, where “business has plummeted,” according to the reality show.. The episode is scheduled to air Tuesday night at 7.

Cooking Channel’s “Restaurant Redemption” was in town recently to record a segment at locally owned Saigon 39.

The restaurant, 1806 1/2 W. 39th St., was founded more than two decades ago by Mimi Perkins. Now her children, Linda Bruce and Victor Perkins, are at the helm and “business has plummeted,” according to the reality show.

The siblings prefer to say sales have “dropped.”

Saigon’s segment will premiere at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 26, , on the Cooking Channel. Host Ching-He Huang will have some strong advice: Bring the dishes and the decor into the 21st century.

She also says Mimi Perkins, who is “retired” but still the boss, needs to step back and let her children run Saigon 39.

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