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James Eddy: Credit-card swipe fees cost everyone dearly, need oversight

“Just like the utility companies that provide electricity, water, and gas to our locations, we have no alternatives when it comes to swipe fees and no choice but to build them into our pricing,” writes James Eddy, a third-generation restaurateur. “The bottom line is that everything is more expensive because of swipe fees — no matter how you pay. It’s time for a change to the system.”

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Geographic stereotyping has its own pitfalls

It can put down a neighborhood, a state or a whole region, but it all boils down to the same thing — people who think they can make decisions about others based on the address their utility bills go to. In some cases, the comments based on address also can be code for something else.


Tom+Chee’s expansion to Olathe started with ‘Shark Tank’

Tom+Chee started as a food tent in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. But after the founders pitched their business on ABC's “Shark Tank” in May 2013, they said they received more than 20,000 inquiries from people who wanted to operate their own Tom+Chee. On Friday the first area restaurant will open in Olathe and at least four more Tom+Chee restaurants will open in the metro.


Restaurant and grocery store inspections for Oct. 20

Area restaurants and grocery stores with 7 or more priority or critical health code violations: Evergreen Wholesale Deli, Carniceria El Torito, Cosentino’s Price Chopper, China Dragon, Hayes Hamburger & Chili, Mike’s Tavern, Malay Cafe, Red Wok, Golden Wheat Pizza & Bakery, L.C.’s Bar-B-Q, and Waldo Pizza.

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