Belcher was the subject of police reports while in college

The former Chiefs linebacker was named in three university police reports while in college.

12/05/2012 4:43 PM

09/29/2014 12:36 PM

Former Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher’s name appears on at least three police reports released by University of Maine officials on Monday.

In April 2006, which was Belcher’s freshman year, he was upset over a woman and punched a dormitory window, according to officials.

In February 2007, officers responded to a noise complaint involving Belcher and his girlfriend and “a discussion outside his room.”

Belcher on Saturday fatally shot Kasandra Perkins, whom he met in Kansas City and was the mother of their 3-month-old daughter, and later committed suicide with a handgun at the Chiefs practice facility, police said.

“I was told Belcher was upset over a girl and punched a window out,” states the University of Maine police report on the April 1, 2006, incident. “There was a lot of blood outside of the west entrance and in the lobby” of Androscoggin Hall.

“I noticed the window to the interior, ground floor door, to the center stairwell, broken out,” the report continues. Belcher was referred to Judicial Affairs and had to pay restitution.

One of Belcher’s former teammates, Mike Brusko, who played for the Black Bears during 2005-08, said the incident involved some intoxication and bad judgment.

“I have at least two or three other friends who have done exactly the same thing,” Brusko told The Bangor Daily News on Monday. “I know all of them, and I would only have ever attributed that to a bad decision that was influenced by alcohol.

“He wasn’t the only person drinking that night. I’ve made a hundred decisions like that that I’d like to take back. Nobody ever would have taken that incident and turned it into some sort of foreshadowing of what he would (ultimately) do.”

A third report — a request by Belcher to be let into a building — was found during an inquiry Saturday evening by The Bangor Daily News.


 ” the statement said.

During his time at the University of Maine, Belcher participated in the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. In that capacity, Belcher spent time with some local youths who were in need of a male role model.

“I often saw Jovan with underprivileged kids,” Brusko said. “I can remember him bringing kids around the football facility and showing them around and being a mentor to them.”

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