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Twitter Tuesday: Royals are too late for early, the ‘Pioli point,’ minor league newspapers and cheeseburgers

The Beer/Cigar/Fishing (in that order) trip was predictably fantastic, thanks for asking. There are no more walleye in northern Minnesota. So if you’re looking to go fishing, plan accordingly. I did, however, miss a heck of a week around the Royals, huh?

Jeneé Osterheldt

Dogs know how to live

She always stops to smell the flowers. Not even a bee sting can keep my boxer Charli Brown from appreciating a good bloom — pansies, roses, petunias, she loves them all. Sweet dog of mine, she’s always teaching me.

Back to Rockville

On ‘Beautiful Bones,’ Kelley Hunt taps into the roots of her passion for writing and performing

“Bones,” Kelley Hunt’s sixth studio album, is a collection of songs that taps into and honors many stylistic influences. And in the process of honoring those traditions and expressing them with people she is familiar and comfortable with, Hunt discovered something within herself. “It wasn’t something technical; it was emotional,” she said. “And it has changed the way I perform.”

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