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July 10, 2006

Singles in the spotlight

Note: The story originally appeared Sunday, November 6, 2005

How are you still single?!

If Grandma pesters you with this question, just imagine what the grandma of a pro-athlete thinks about her still-single grandson. Or the grandma of a successful radio DJ who meets a jillion new people a week at station events. But, yep, these folks are still single. And proud of it. Each day of our dating series, we profile a single man and woman who stand out in the community.

Jaimie Warren Age: 25 Town: Kansas City Job: Photographer Best thing about being single: "You have a lot of time to read long novels." The worst: "Sitting at home watching `Billy Madison' every night." What she's looking for: A very, very rich, very serious, goal-oriented guy who plays a killer flute and is taller than 6 feet. What friends say: "She's always very busy with about a thousand different things, but when she wants to go nuts, she sure does. ... She likes to cut loose to a lot of grunge rock. And Neil Diamond. She's a pretty fun-loving gal." - Kelly Allen Last words: "I feel like it's kind of a small circle that I've dated in, like people who've been my friends, and it's kind of pathetic. ... Unless you want to try getting into the Westport scene, which I wouldn't want to, I think it's not that easy to meet people (in Kansas City)."

William Hesmer Age: 23 Town: Overland Park Job: Goalkeeper for the Kansas City Wizards Best thing about being single: "It probably sounds bad, but not having to answer to anyone or fitting in to someone else's lifestyle." The worst: "When all my friends are out with their girlfriends and I'm home alone." He's looking for: A tall, energetic and outgoing brunette with a good smile who is smart but not a know-it-all. What friends say: "On the field he's a great guy; off the field he's a great guy. ... His nickname is the Sheep. His hair at times gets really curly and he looks like a sheep." - Nick Garcia Last words: "Maybe I'm not that physically attracted or drawn to people in general. There's just a few I'd say, because I'm pretty picky. If it's not perfect, I'll jump ship." - Andrea Lorenz/The Star

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