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07/10/2006 12:00 AM

05/16/2014 4:56 PM

Note: This story originally appeared Sunday, October 30, 2005

How are you still single?!

If Grandma pesters you with this question, just imagine what the grandma of a pro-athlete thinks about her still-single grandson. Or the grandma of a successful radio DJ who meets a jillion new people a week at station events. But, yep, these folks are still single. And proud of it. Each day of our dating series, we profile a single man and woman who stand out in the community.

Karen Duffner Age: 24 Town: Kansas City Job: Player for the Kansas City Jazz Women's Rugby Club Best date: "Valentine's Day back when I was 18. It was a guy I had just met. ... He took me to this little shelter by a lake. He put on Frank Sinatra, and we danced. It was Frank Sinatra, Valentine's Day, the moonlight, on the lake, dressed up." Worst date: "Friends set me up with a football player. I don't want this to come out that just because he's a football player, but he wasn't very smart. I swear I thought my IQ was going to drop by talking to him. ... It was so boring. It was miserable." What she's looking for: An athletic, patient, easygoing, low-key guy who is more than 6 feet tall with a good work ethic. What friends say: "She's a real versatile person. She needs someone to be pretty flexible as well. ... She always has this thing, if there's an awkward pause in the moment a guy is going to kiss her, she'll say something that messes up the moment. ... Someone who's conservative is not going to work. At the same time, she's very much a romantic." - Amy Willott Last words: "Now that I'm actually like, `OK, I'm ready to get back into the dating scene,' it's not very good. Maybe I'm old enough I'm ready to not do the thing where you meet someone in a bar, they call you once and that's it. ... Right now it's just frustrating."

Jonathan Krysa Age: 27 Town: Lee's Summit Job: Pitcher for the Kansas City T-Bones He's still single because: "I haven't had the time. I wanted to get all my finances in order. I just purchased a house, and I wanted to get situated before I got in a committed relationship." He's looking for: An educated, unpretentious, motivated, spontaneous, curvy, tan brunette who has her own life and no baggage. What friends say: "You probably wouldn't find anybody better, for sure. You can always count on him coming through. ... He's always very true to what he does. He's an all-around good guy." - Chris Buske Last words: "It's lonely being single. But everything's a state of mind. It's whatever you're ready to move into. I'm ready to try dating."

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