Father forfeited baseball cards long ago

DEAR JEANNE AND LEONARD: My cousin “Sam” refuses to return something that rightfully belongs to my family. When I visited him recently, I noticed he had a nicely bound collection of baseball cards. Sam said our grandfather had given the cards to Sam’s father, who’d in turn given them to Sam. Since I knew my father (now deceased) collected baseball cards as a kid, I asked if the cards might originally have been Dad’s.

Helping mom escape the grasp of a con man

DEAR JEANNE AND LEONARD: How can we save our mother from a con man? Mom is in her mid-80s and very capable, but she has fallen under the sway of a clever scam artist, who has tricked her into believing he’s her friend.

Mother’s intact assets should pay for her care

DEAR JEANNE AND LEONARD: Am I responsible for paying my mother’s bills if I’m not a beneficiary of her will? My sister says I’m obligated to pay for half of Mom’s care. But my sister made my mother sign a will that leaves everything to her.

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