Commitment to faith brought them together

07/19/2014 7:00 AM

08/11/2014 1:18 PM

Erin Strom was hoping to meet the right man. She was a 31-year-old single mother of two, and she had faith that God’s timing would be perfect.

Chad Cox, 33, was a single father of two. When he encountered Erin on Facebook in October 2011, they shared a little of their faith journey. They had just one telephone conversation.

The following January, while Chad was fasting, he prayed, “Lord, if you have a woman in mind for me, please reveal her.”

Within days he saw a clear image of Erin in his mind. He logged onto Facebook and saw a photo of Erin and her children with the word “believe” in the background.

“Lord, I need time to get to know Erin,” Chad prayed.

He got the chance almost immediately. He needed a place to store a go-cart and he heard this message: “Call Erin.” Feeling a little foolish, he did, and Erin readily agreed to store the cart. That night, Chad cooked dinner for Erin and her children.

First impressions:

Erin: “It was good to share fellowship time with another single parent. Chad was nice and thoughtful.”

Chad: “I was humbled by the situation and awestruck at what God was doing. It felt natural and comfortable with her.”

The unfolding and wedding: Three days after the go-cart conversation, Erin called Chad to ask him to pray for her son, who was ill. Later, Chad came over and revealed the message God had sent regarding Erin being the right woman for him. “Want to give the relationship a try?” he asked.

Erin prayed about the situation and said yes. After fasting and praying and spending time together, they decided to get married. They were wed in Paola, Kan., on Feb. 26, 2012.

Favorite shared activities: They like to be outside — horseback riding, hiking and biking.

Careers: Chad is a conductor for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. Erin does wedding planning and is a beautician.

Family: In addition to their blended family of four, they have a baby together. They live in Overland Park.

What keeps their relationship strong: Their first love is for God. When they put him first, he shows them how to love each other.

The qualities they most appreciate in each other:

Erin: “Chad has a wonderful heart and wants to make things perfect for me. He cares a lot for the kids and really treasures family time.”

Chad: “Erin is a positive person and has an amazing outlook on life. She glows from the inside out. I am attracted to her passion for her family and her passion to be a loving wife and mother.”

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