A prediction comes true on a flight from Chicago

05/24/2014 8:00 AM

06/03/2014 10:17 AM

“Keep your eyes and heart wide open for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Jacia Humiston’s horoscope said.

The next day, Nov. 21, 2011, 31-year-old Jacia had an early-morning flight from Chicago to Kansas City. “I might meet my future husband today,” she thought.

As the flight boarded, she saw a cute guy and decided to sit beside him. Mike Phillips, 31, had been visiting family in Illinois and was returning home to Kansas City.

“I wasn’t expecting to meet someone, but Jacia and I hit it off,” he says.

First impressions:

Jacia: “Mike was sweet and soft-spoken. I could tell he was a genuine nice guy.”

Mike: “Jacia was fun and full of bubbliness. I fell for her beauty and her personality.”

The unfolding: Before parting that day, Jacia gave Mike her business card. “Maybe we can get together while I’m in Kansas City,” she told him. Mike liked the idea.

They saw each other every evening, and Mike joined Jacia’s family for Thanksgiving. She canceled her flight back to Chicago and they drove there, visiting Mike’s family along the way.

After spending eight days together, they felt a deep connection.

“Within the first week, I figured out she was a keeper,” Mike says.

Jacia: “I knew he was the one.”

Mike made plans to move to Chicago, but when he received a major job promotion, Jacia decided to relocate to Kansas City.

Proposal and wedding: In April 2012 Jacia learned she was pregnant, and the couple decided to get married. The ceremony was June 21, 2013, at Unity Temple on the Plaza. Their son, Hartson, was born on Christmas Day 2013.

Favorite shared activities: They love traveling, trying new foods, hanging out and improving their home.

Careers: Mike is a service coordinator for insurance broker Lockton Cos. Jacia is a freelance architectural photographer and writer/producer for Foundation Media Solutions.

Family: This is Jacia’s first marriage and Mike’s second. They live in Olathe with their son. Mike’s 25-year-old sister is temporarily living with them.

What keeps their relationship strong: “We’re in this together, so we try to help each other out,” Mike says. They’re both involved with parenting and household chores.

The qualities they most appreciate:

Jacia: “Mike is my rock. I completely trust him to take care of our family. I’m artistic, and he deals with facts and information. We complement each other.”

Mike: “Jacia has a huge heart; she’s there for everyone. I love her beauty inside and out. She’s spontaneous and she keeps me laughing.”

Deborah Shouse is a freelance writer. Suggest a Love Story couple by writing to lovestory@kcstar.com.

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