Oak Grove artist Russell Joy finds his passion in stained glass

A few of Russell Joy’s stained glass windows are at businesses, restaurants and homes, but mostly they’re at churches, lighting up sanctuaries and chapels, cavernous and intimate, across the Kansas City area. Their themes are sacred and their styles range widely. They tell a story. They say a prayer. They stir a sensation. They do what stained glass does: twinkle, glow, radiate, illuminate.

Love Story

Their initial spark later leads to lasting bond

Despite the initial chemistry, Karen Luthi and eff Hardeman soon learned they were each in other relationships. It was December 1989, and over several years of working together, Karen and Jeff became good friends. They played volleyball with a group from work and liked the same bands and movies.


Death Valley in spring: Beautiful and not that hot

Even in spring, it’s about as hot as many other places are come August, with April and May temperatures ranging from the 70s to just over 100. As for desolation — yes, the landscape is stark. This is a desert, after all. But there’s also a certain beauty to it, a mosaic of colors from the salt flats and sand dunes to the striations of craggy peaks. Some years, stunning wildflowers bloom in spring and early summer.

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Money Manners

Father forfeited baseball cards long ago

DEAR JEANNE AND LEONARD: My cousin “Sam” refuses to return something that rightfully belongs to my family. When I visited him recently, I noticed he had a nicely bound collection of baseball cards. Sam said our grandfather had given the cards to Sam’s father, who’d in turn given them to Sam. Since I knew my father (now deceased) collected baseball cards as a kid, I asked if the cards might originally have been Dad’s.

Helping mom escape the grasp of a con man

DEAR JEANNE AND LEONARD: How can we save our mother from a con man? Mom is in her mid-80s and very capable, but she has fallen under the sway of a clever scam artist, who has tricked her into believing he’s her friend.

Architecture A-Z

‘I’ is for ice houses, inspiration and more

When the Central Ice Co. first got going in the early years of the 20th century, it was one of two dozen or so ice dealers in the vicinity of downtown. The history of the company and this building, in the 2000 block of Campbell Street, intersects in ensuing years with some prominent names