July 11, 2014

Faith Walk: Keep loved ones, those in the Bible from being just whispers in the wind

Faith Walk writer Keela Vaughn believes we must share the stories of people in the Bible, just as we remind others of our passed kin, to keep their memories alive.

The other evening while eating with some friends, I realized that they had never met my husband, who passed away almost five years ago. This sent me on a spiraling expanse of emotions. I felt sorrow they had never met him. I experienced those overwhelming feelings of grief flow once more through my entire body. I even started down the path of feeling old!

My husband had many facets to his personality. He was a preacher, a deacon, an elder. He had much influence over leaders and boys at Boy Scout camp. He was a people person and a joker, and he shared his faith with so many.

Yet, the last few years of his life, he struggled with feelings of deep depression, guilt and hopelessness because of the heart disease that filled his chest with fluid continuously. I realized that some people I know only knew him those last few years and did not ever see the man who was so full of love for the Lord, his family and the zest for life that I had seen for so many years before.

That part of his life was just a whisper in the wind!

I started thinking about my grandfather on my mother’s side of the family. He was so much fun to be around as a granddaughter. He let me drive his old pickup before I even could reach the pedals. He was always joking with us and giving us so much love.

I thought about my grandchildren. I realized they will have vague memories of their own grandpa. My littlest ones will not even remember him at all. As you can imagine, these thoughts weighed heavily on my heart.

Then, I started thinking, how do I keep his memory alive? I think one way is to talk about him to people who did not know him well and to tell my grandkids funny stories about their grandpa and the man I called my husband for 36 years.

Many years ago my grandfather, at Thanksgiving, was to say the prayer before we ate. “Rub-a-dub-dub, thank you for the grub,” he said. (Of course, my grandmother was not happy.)

I heard my grandson laughing about it the other day. How had he known about that? Well, I had told him, thus keeping my grandfather’s memory alive in his heart!

Sometimes we go through life taking for granted that people know about God. We think people know about Jesus and all the suffering he went through to give us hopes of Heaven. We take for granted that people know about those in the Bible who were faithful, who struggled and devoted their lives to the Lord. The Bible is so full of stories to give us hope, examples and strength.

If we do not share these stories, they just become whispers in the wind.

Psalm 78:4 reads: “We will not hide them from their children, telling to the generation to come the praises of the Lord, and His strength and His wonderful works that He has done.”

We all have memories of loved ones who have passed from this life. Just like I realized that none of the people I was eating with knew my husband, we must realize that we need to keep the memory of the great men and women of the Bible alive by telling others, our children, our grandchildren and future generations.

Keela Vaughn is one of 13 Faith Walk writers for The Star. She can be reached at

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