Faith Walk: Christians worldwide work to fill ‘God-shaped vacuum’

Blaise Pascal, a 17th-century philosopher and physicist, wrote of “a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man,” but The Star’s Faith Walk writer Tom Magee says we can let too many other things rush in to fill it. He believes this idea can be reflected in the overall growth of Christianity, despite persecution in some areas of the world.


KC diocese disputes order to pay $1.1 million in sexual abuse case

The order, issued March 23 by arbitrator Hollis Hanover, stems from a lawsuit filed three years ago alleging that the diocese and Bishop Robert Finn violated parts of a 2008 settlement. The issue that sparked the concerns was the diocese’s failure to immediately report the Rev. Shawn Ratigan after finding disturbing images of young girls on the priest’s laptop computer in late 2010.

Mary Sanchez

Diocese case is for the children

The former teacher liked what she heard from Jackson County Judge Bryan Round on Wednesday. He seemed to understand. To grasp why she and about a dozen others attended the hearing to determine if a breach-of-contract ruling ordering the diocese to pay a $1.1 million will stand. It’s for the children.