Authorities seize 19 pit bulls from a Kansas City home

In all, 24 dogs were seized from an area known as having the highest number of pit bulls per capita in the city. A city ordinance limits pet owners to four dogs, and it requires owners of pit bulls to spay or neuter them unless they get a breeder’s permit.

Dog alerts Raytown mother and daughter to house fire

A family dog is being called a hero after alerting a sleeping mother and her daughter to a burning house early Sunday in Raytown. The mother and 13-year-old daughter woke up to smoke and fire in the home in the 6700 block of Ralston Avenue shortly after 2 a.m., according to the Raytown Fire Protection District.

Pet goods store coming to the Crossroads

Tail Waggin’ PetStop is taking a large space on the first floor of a building at 1818 Wyandotte St., across from Mildred’s Coffeehouse. It will offer high-quality food for dogs and cats in a wide range of prices, along with toys, treats, beds and other pet supplies. It also will have a do-it-yourself pet grooming area.

Wayside Waifs looks to ‘rebrand’ for its 70th year

The animal welfare organization Wayside Waifs is entering its 70th year with a new president and a new message: It is more than just an animal shelter. The organization is not changing its name, but it wants to encourage people to recognize it as offering a “complete circle of care” for helpless animals, from adoption to behavioral assessment to the end of life.

Dog days of winter can take a toll on a pup’s paws

De-icers and salts might keep you on your feet during icy weather, but they can irritate your pets’ feet. Experts recommend washing their paws and cleaning anything stuck between their nail pads after winter walks. Booties, if your dog will tolerate them, are another good idea.

Some pets adopted from a Northland shelter caused heartbreak

The joy of adopting pets turned into a nightmare for some KC families who adopted from a Northland no-kill shelter since closed. The Northland operations manager had been cited repeatedly for neglect, cruelty and keeping animals in unsanitary conditions.