Northland woman is again caught hoarding cats

04/18/2013 6:16 PM

05/20/2014 10:42 AM

A Kansas City, North, woman previously convicted of animal abuse and neglect was charged Thursday with two misdemeanors for failing to care for several cats that authorities found in her home.

Delores A. Metcalf, 58, previously had faced neglect charges and had been ordered not to own, keep or harbor any animals. According to court records, animal control officers visited her home in the 3700 block of North Bales Avenue on April 8 and found 14 cats inside.

Authorities said the animals were kept in unsanitary conditions, inhabitable even for humans, and the city had condemned the property. The animals were in cages soaked with urine and feces but were allowed to roam in the house, which had piles of trash, debris, urine, feces, rats and roaches, according to court records.

Metcalf is accused of failing to provide medical care for eight cats, including one with severe diarrhea and ringworm. Animal control officers found that Metcalf kept 85 dead mice in a freezer.

Metcalf has an extensive history of hoarding animals and has been cited by authorities. About a year ago, animal control officers recovered 15 cats from her home after neighbors complained of a strong odor and seeing a cat outside.

Because of her history of hoarding animals, Metcalf had been declared an unfit owner, which prohibited her from having any of the cats returned to her.

In 2011, authorities recovered 153 cats from Metcalf’s home. Many of those later died from disease and others were put up for adoption.

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