A plea for help after German shepherd falls from 23rd Street Viaduct

03/06/2013 10:02 AM

05/16/2014 9:23 PM

Nobody knows for sure how the dog came to land in a snowdrift below the 23rd Street Viaduct in Kansas City, but they do know she needs help.

Fallen, thrown, jumped or pushed, it appears the German shepherd landed hard last week. Witnesses told an animal rescue group they had attended a horse show at Hale Arena and saw the dog “come flying over and land in a snowbank.”

Lindey, as she has since been named by new friends, arrived at a veterinary clinic in shock, with blood in her stomach and serious injuries to her legs, face and teeth.

According to Missouri German Shepherd Rescue: “The vet saw no injuries to indicate she was hit by a car. He believes her injuries indicate she did a three-point landing: she hit the snowbank with both front feet and her jaw taking the full force of the impact.”

Now the rescue group is asking for donations to help pay Lindey’s vet bill, which could reach $10,000. The dog will not be available for adoption for four to eight months because of a lengthy recuperation.

Anyone interested in helping should go to


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