Talking Dogs: Canine parks not right fit for every dog

Q: I have been taking my 4-year-old dog Bruno to the dog park in our neighborhood for about six months. He likes to sniff around the area, but avoids other dogs and has bitten a few that come too close. What can I do to get him to enjoy the park and get some good exercise playing with other dogs?


Pet supply chain will fetch heavy pet food items for a fee

MINNEAPOLIS - When Patti Bruflodt heard that Chuck & Don's pet food and supplies store, a chain with locations in Minnesota and Colorado, was starting a home delivery service, she wasted little time ordering two 18-pound bags of NutriSource for her 5-year-old Australian Shepherd, Annie. "We don't drive, so we really, really appreciate the service," she said. "It should last her a couple of months."

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