Talking dogs: Halloween a sweet time for training opportunities

There are few holidays that offer so many dog training opportunities as Halloween. I currently have a 15-month-old dachshund, Curtis, who needs to catch up with my other dog's education concerning house rules. Halloween, with lots of foot traffic and ringing of the doorbell, presents the perfect training scenario.


Blinky, the one-eyed Chihuahua, is a story with multiple lessons

CHICAGO - It started in August 2013, when Charlie Propsom, the founder and president of Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control, was leaving a volunteer meeting at the facility. It was late, she recalls, 8:30 or 9 p.m., and she spotted three people walking in, carrying a doll-sized version of a baby carrier.


Animal Island: Teaching a wandering parrot to stay on his perch

Q: Last year I took in an adult African grey parrot. His owner told me the bird was 25 years old. I also have another grey parrot and a Senegal parrot. The new guy is very tame, and I was very happy when they all got along. My question is, why won't the new bird sit still? I have a couple of big climbing trees and stands for the birds to play on when out of their cages. My original two sit and play all day; the new guy just wants to walk around my house. He is generally a good boy about chewing things up if I'm watching him. But I would rather he sit on the perch. I have tried to entice him with new toys and nuts to chew on, but he likes to wander. Any suggestions on how to get him to settle down?


Purr-fect image: How to take better photos of your cat

When David Sutton explains the fine points of photographing a cat, you listen. One of the most skilled pet and portrait photographers in the business, he's had his work exhibited around the world, and he has a steady stream of four-legged clients visiting his Evanston, Ill., studio. (Take a peek at his website, .)

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