Pet supply chain will fetch heavy pet food items for a fee

MINNEAPOLIS - When Patti Bruflodt heard that Chuck & Don's pet food and supplies store, a chain with locations in Minnesota and Colorado, was starting a home delivery service, she wasted little time ordering two 18-pound bags of NutriSource for her 5-year-old Australian Shepherd, Annie. "We don't drive, so we really, really appreciate the service," she said. "It should last her a couple of months."


Troubled veterans feel at peace working with rescue dogs

CHICAGO - James Elmore was putting Vienna, a pit bull mix, through her paces. On command, she sat, went to the down position, crawled, reached to shake hands. And if that didn't impress, there was one of those "easy" buttons sitting nearby. Vienna smacked it with a paw, triggering a disembodied "That was easy."

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