What to do about bug-eaten herbs?

about 4 hours ago
QUESTION: This is the first year I’ve tried growing herbs on my deck. They’re pretty big but they’re also getting eaten up by bugs. I know I shouldn’t use anything toxic so what should I do? Thanks - Cindy...................................................ANSWER: So sorry, but it would be hard to say. First, what herbs are you growing? Second, try to identify the insect. Look on the underside of the leaves, and along the stems. If you don't see any insects, do you see any webbing or blackish dots on the undersides. Is the entire leaf being eaten, or just the edges, or are there holes in the inner part of the leaf? Are the leaves spotty, discolored? And, since the herbs are in pots, search in the pot's soil too. You are correct in that you do not want to use any chemicals. Sometimes a pest can be eliminated with a strong jet of water, or simply by handpicking. That is why it is very important to identify the pest first. Please post back with your findings, and a picture would be great. Carole, Johnson County Extension Master Gardener

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