We braved the cold to find some drinks to warm you up

A little winter warmer always helps me ease into the cold. I’m talking about hot chocolate and coffee of the spiked variety. Happy hour doesn’t have to be all martinis and cold cocktails; put a little heat in your system. You have options. (And call a cab, or a friend, if you have too many.)

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ warms my heart

Disney is in the middle of a moment. I’m talking about “The Lion King” kind of moment. For years, critics have said that while Pixar’s fortunes rose, the house that Mickey built lost its magic. But “Frozen” is spicing, or icing, things up.

Getting the hang of aerial yoga, the latest fitness craze

Savasana has never been more relaxing than the moment I give in to the swinging, silk hammock. Most yoga lovers look forward to Savasana, the corpse pose at the end of every class that requires total relaxation. I usually struggle to turn my brain off, to submit to the peaceful state. Not this time. I’m spent. This isn’t your average yoga class.

Keisha: What's in a name? Bigotry

Christmas came early this year for Keisha Austin. For years, she's been asking her mom for something special. Not a car or a game system or some designer purse. What this 19-year-old wanted is more unusual: a new name.