Jeneé Osterheldt

August 27, 2014

Make a splash before summer’s end

What’s on your summery to-do list before pools close and that vacation vibe starts to dissipate? My list includes thrilling water slides, cool drinks and a shopping trip.

Fall technically doesn’t begin until Sept. 22, but Labor Day is really the end of summer.

What’s on your summery to-do list before pools close and that vacation vibe starts to dissipate? Picnics? Snow cones?

Here’s my list:


Even Katy Perry made a splash at Schlitterbahn before her Sprint Center concert this month. I may not be about the insanity of the 168-foot, 7-inch-high slide that is Verrückt, but before the park closes Monday for the year you might want to take that 70 mph ride.

I’m more of a Storm Blaster girl myself. I love the slide that starts in the lazy river and ends up with you and your tube heading up a crazy conveyer-belt-type deal and down a three-story plunge. If that’s too much for you, there is always the swim-up bar, Henry’s Hideout. Tickets start at $36.99.

Worlds of Fun will be open on weekends through Nov. 2, but Oceans of Fun’s last day is Monday. Castaway Cove is adult-only pool perfection, but if there’s only one attraction you can try, I would climb those stairs to the slide complex: Predator’s Plunge, Constrictor and Sharks’ Revenge. Predator’s Plunge is full of chill and thrill. The “aqua-launch” chamber requires you to slide like a vamp: You fold your arms across your chest and cross your ankles before you are dropped into watery darkness. Park admission (includes access to both Worlds and Oceans) starts at $39.99.


All right. You can order lemonade anytime. But some things are just better when it’s hot outside. And if there is one drink that just tastes like summer, it’s lemonade. (And a good margarita.) But my favorite drink this season is Cafe Gratitude’s Elevated. The rosewater lemonade is equal parts floral and sour sweetness. If it could sing, I’m sure it would sound like Beyoncé. Try it at Cafe Gratitude, 333 Southwest Blvd. $5 gets you a small. $8 gets you a large.

Coach Factory Pop Up Shop

This outlet at The Legends opened around Memorial Day and was rumored to close by Labor Day. So you might think this is your last weekend to buy sexy bags like the Peyton Satchel for half the price. I’m here to give you some good news: The leather goods store is open through the holiday season. Santa has come early. Visit the Coach Factory at 1867 Village West Parkway in Kansas City, Kan.

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