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SweetFrog frozen yogurt franchise opening first area shop in KCK

SweetFrog, a premium frozen yogurt franchise, plans a mid-May opening in the Legends Outlets Kansas City.

Customers will get to make their own soft-serve creation, choosing from 21 different flavors each day — some favorites that will always be on the menu, other rotating out — and more than 60 toppings. It also will offer nonfat, low-fat, sugar free and sorbet options and many gluten-free.

The Daily Meal named sweetFrog “America’s Best Frozen Yogurt” in 2013. Among the 50 flavors are angel food cake, apple pie, coffee house blend, cake batter, eggnog, french toast, gingerbread, maple bacon doughnut, and salted caramel corn. Toppings include cookie dough, cheesecake bites, walnuts and lime sauce.

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By JOYCE SMITH. 4 hours ago

Celebrate Easter with traditonal Polish cookies

Teresa and Fred Kamler of Lenexa met at a polish picnic in Wyandotte County.

“Our love of Polania brought us together, and those traditions we share with family and friends keep us together,” Fred says. “Teresa cooks the food I grew up eating, and I enjoy helping her in the kitchen. When we make the Chrusciki or Angel Wing Cookies together, it’s my job to man the fryer.”

Chrusciki are delicate bits of dough Teresa makes each year for Easter and Polski Day celebrations.

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By MARY G. PEPITONE. 5 hours ago

Johnny Jo’s Pizzeria is easy to miss but worth finding

John Milone uses two words when he describes fulfilling his dream of owning an authentic neighborhood “hole-in-the-wall” pizzeria.

“It’s awesome,” he said. “It’s awesome.”

Milone is the owner and chief pizza maker for Johnny Jo’s Pizzeria, located in the West Plaza neighborhood on 47th Street between Holly and Mercer streets.

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20 hours ago

Limestone Pizza opens in Lawrence

After a soft opening over the weekend, Limestone Pizza + Kitchen + Bar is now officially open at 814 Massachusetts St. in Lawrence.

The new pizzeria serves Neopolitan-style pizza made with Kansas flour and baked in a wood-fired oven made from 20,000 pounds of limestone and French clay brick. Also on the menu: Chicken wings, pastrami and grilled cheese sandwiches, light salads and bar snacks such as homemade mozzarella and pickles.

The bar stocks about 100 craft beers (eight of them on rotating taps) as well as four wines on tap.

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By Sarah Gish. yesterday

Chef’s support for local draws applause

Curator’s note: Ryan Brazeal is the chef/owner of Novel, a farm-to-table restaurant on the West Side. Brazeal recently delivered the following address during the Middle of the Map’s Forum, which included a panel focusing on local artisanal foods. His remarks focused on sourcing product from local farmers. His comments drew hearty applause from the audience so we asked to share his thoughts with our Chow Town audience.

There are a lot of reasons to support local farmers in Kansas City. Two of the most important reasons for me are to promote a unique culinary identity for the Midwest, and to recirculate money in the local economy.

Kansas City has a great restaurant and hospitality scene that is rapidly garnering the attention of the United States and beyond. By utilizing local farmers, dairies, butchers and foragers we can provide an indigenous product that you can’t get anywhere else.

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By RYAN BRAZEAL. yesterday

In Palermo, ‘The Doctor’ is in

NOTE: This is the third of three posts about a Sicilian-American chef’s adventures in Sicily.

Our nine day stay in Sicily was coming to an end and one of our final dinners was going to be memorable. Every time I travel back to my family’s homeland I try to make a celebration out of the last evening.

I wasn’t feeling too well as I caught a cold and a slight cough from traveling. If I was home, I would probably just have a bowl of broth. For some reason, broth always gives me energy. Jewish people call it their penicillin but Sicilians actually do the same thing and prefer a beef or chicken broth with a little pasta as a remedy.

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By JASPER J. MIRABILE JR.. 2 days ago

Farm oasis brings homesteading classes to life

There is a great gal doing something old in this new busy world — homesteading.

About an hour south of Kansas City atop a steep hill near Drexel, Mo., there is a tiny driveway just big enough for one car. The trees and bushes are over grown, leaning and reaching toward the car, pulling city residue away.

A meandering quarter mile drive reveals a beautiful hill top farm oasis. The sun shines bright and your lungs can’t possibly pull in a large enough cleansing breath of the beautiful air.

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By RENEE KELLY. 3 days ago

Kansas City Food Circle’s Eat Local & Organic Expo to be held Saturday

I was surprised the room was so full — and not full of just one kind of customer, either.

There were lots of families. There were many professional food people, always looking for sources of local products. And there were also aging hippies, who have been singing the praises of non-processed food grown locally and humanely for 30 plus years.

In other words, it was a good crowd.

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By LOU JANE TEMPLE. 4 days ago

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