Povitica: Hard to say but so easy to love

For several weeks I had been driving by the “Pova-What?” billboard on northbound I-35. For nearly two years I’d been driving by the Strawberry Hill factory in Merriam, making a mental note to investigate. So glad I finally got a tour for The Star’s 2014 Food Issue. Povitica, a Croatian nut bread sold on QVC and now available in a dozen flavors, rocks. Still can’t say it? Watch the video and repeat after owner Marc O’Leary.

Time to tune in to healthy eating with the City’s own food show

Move over Rachael Ray. The City of Kansas City has its own healthy cooking show on Channel 2 (KCCG-TV2). Host Kathy Barry offers a host of healthy recipes designed to improve the health of city workers and city residents. “Time to Be Well” features the occasional guests from City Hall, including councilman Ed Ford and City Manager Troy Schulte. The story was featured is The Star’s 2014 Food Issue