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April 24, 2014

Friends make finding KC’s Happy Hours easier

I love Happy Hours. I love everything about them: the name, the prices, the fact that you get to start eating and drinking earlier than usual — everything.

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I love Happy Hours. I love everything about them: the name, the prices, the fact that you get to start eating and drinking earlier than usual — everything.

Imagine my delight then when I discovered an entire site devoted to

Kansas City Happy Hours

. Yes folks, thanks to Happy Hour KC, I am now plugged into Happy Hours around town like never before.

I just had to track down the person, or persons, behind this ingenious site, and one short Facebook message later, Tiffany Baumgarden had written me back. A day later, I had the background on how all this started.

“A few years ago, I created a spreadsheet of Happy Hours in Downtown, Plaza, Brookside and Waldo, which is where I live,” Baumgarden said. “It was simply for us and a few of our friends who met up every week. Pretty soon, I had a ton of friends and acquaintances asking for the list. It became something we updated between us about every six months.”

In addition to Baumgarden, the other members of Happy Hour KC are: Aaron Baumgarden, Holly Stafford, Nick Stafford, Craig Staley and Sally Sisavath. Baumgarden said she came up with the original concept, but everyone pitched in with ideas, research and, of course, Happy Hour visits.

There were a lot of great resources for special and events around town, but Baumgarden said she couldn’t get the information quickly and it was never in one location.

“Kansas City is so sectioned off that people often forget about the Independence/Lee’s Summit side, or they don’t want to venture over the river unless they’re headed to the airport,” Baumgarden said. “Our goal is to have a resource that incorporates it all, but is still divided, so you could search by area. It's an ever-evolving project, but it’s a great start.”

Baumgarden said the six members of Happy Hour KC are all young professionals in fields ranging from nursing to social media to engineering.

And, she said as more people discover Happy Hour KC, more folks are jumping in from time to time.

“One of our goals is to create a network of all ages, people who love exploring new places and meeting new people,” she said. “Kansas City has so much to offer and we want to be a part of that.”

I asked Baumgarden about the group’s goals for the future. She says there are many.

“We want to promote local businesses, help people find great happy hours in their area, and promote all things KC,” Baumgarden said. “To begin, we’re working on forming a monthly networking group. Currently, there are a lot of groups that specify your age, profession, success level … We want it to be open door.”

Happy Hour KC is also looking for opportunities to develop ideas for local events, and participate in events and fundraisers already in the works.

“There’s a lot more in the works and inspiration strikes daily,” Baumgarden said.

Sounds like a glass half-full kind of woman to me, the perfect fit for a person gathering information on Happy Hours.

Want more information? Baumgarden is happy to provide.

“The best way to reach us is through

Facebook, Twitter @DrinkInKC, or to follow the blog. People can also email

as well,” Baumgarden said.

I hope to hook up with the Happy Hour KC group someday soon — at a Happy Hour of course. I’ll let you know if and when that happens, and how it goes. Should be a blast.

How could it not be with Happy Hour in your name?

Dave Eckert is the producer and host of “Culinary Travels With Dave Eckert,” which aired on PBS-TV and Wealth TV for 12 seasons, or nearly 300 half-hour episodes produced on six continents. Eckert is also an avid wine collector and aficionado, having amassed a personal wine cellar of some 2,000 bottles.

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