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Can’t afford limes? Check out these alternative cocktail ideas

04/09/2014 7:00 AM

04/09/2014 11:50 AM

Limes might be a staple cocktail ingredient, but they’re far from cheap these days. Lime prices have more than doubled in recent weeks, topping $85 per 40-pound box at the local wholesale level.

What’s behind the rise? Bad weather and disease cut output in some parts of Mexico, one of the world’s biggest lime producers. Then drug cartels in the state Michoacan began demanding extortion payments from lime growers and have taken control of a distribution center where they sell their limes, the Associated Press says.

“It is extraordinary,” says Patrick Ryan, owner of Port Fonda in Westport. “The phrase ‘perfect storm’ really describes what’s happening.”

So far, restaurants and bars like Port Fonda are absorbing the added cost. You can do the same in your own home bar, or consider making other cocktails that are just as satisfying without a lime.

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