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March 24, 2014

Food & Wine: Fervere among ‘America’s Best Bread Bakeries’

Fervere, an artisan bread bakery in Kansas City’s Westside neighborhood, is one of 17 bakeries on Food & Wine’s list.

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Food Wine

recently declared that “There has never been a better time to eat bread” in the United States.

We would add that there has never been a better time to eat bread in Kansas City. Between established bakeries such as

Farm to Market and Fervere and up-and-coming shops such as Ibis Bakery, Baked and Fresh Bread

, a pop-up store, there’s no shortage of options for lovers of artisan loaves.

Recently Food Wine recognized Kansas City’s rising bread scene by including Fervere on its short list of America’s Best Bread Bakeries.

“There are no scones or croissants here; Fred Spompinato bakes one thing and one thing only: bread,” the Fervere post reads. “His crusty, flavor-packed loaves—tangy-tasting Pain de Campagne, fruit-studded Orchard—line one brick wall of his unadorned bakery. The rest of the simple, serious space is devoted purely to bread baking, with a wood-burning oven, mixer and sacks of organic flour in full view.”

Check out the full list of bakeries at And read more about Ibis Bakery’s gourmet toast in The Star’s 2014 food issue


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