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Ten decadent desserts to try this weekend

09/27/2013 1:21 PM

09/28/2013 4:51 PM

There are few things sweeter than an early autumn weekend in Kansas City.

Looking to make this one extra decadent? It can’t hurt to try a new dessert. Here are 10 of the most mouthwatering, memorable sweet treats I’ve tried recently.

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Salted Caramel Budino at North Italian Farmhouse

A squat mason jar full of homemade butterscotch pudding topped with caramel sauce, flaky Maldon sea salt and a heaping spoonful of crème fraiche. Share it and you’ll be fighting over the last scrape of caramel sauce.

$6 at North Italian Farmhouse, 4579 W. 119th St. in Leawood

Lemon cake at Cafe Europa

A silky layer of cream cheese frosting and plenty of lemony glaze make this tart, moist cake a cut above the rest.

$5.45 at Cafe Europa, 323 East 55th St. in Brookside

Pineapple cheesecake at Collection

This tropical twist on traditional cheesecake gets the chef’s treatment with a thick, crumbly crust, a drizzle of caramel and a snowy dollop of real whipped cream.

$5 at Collection, 1532 Grand Blvd. in the Crossroads Arts District

Fruit ice pops at Paleterias Tropicana

Still holding on to summer? A pineapple, coconut or melon-flavored popsicle from Paleterias Tropicana will make you feel like it’s still July. Spice it up by ordering the mango con chile version.

$1.59-1.79 each at Paleterias Tropicana, with locations in Kansas City, KCK, Independence and Shawnee

Salted caramel latte at Parisi Cafe

Does coffee count as a dessert? It does if it’s this perfect-for-fall sipper sweetened with homemade syrup. The perfect-for-fall drink tastes even better when it’s served alongside a champagne-flavored and edible gold glitter-flecked macaron.

About $4.50 for a large at Parisi Cafe, with locations in Leawood and Union Station

Chocolate Chip Amaretto Brownie at Pandolfi’s Deli

Chocolate lovers, this is the brownie you’ve been looking for. It’s moist, dense, loaded with chocolate hunks and covered with a ridiculously thick and fluffy layer of amaretto-laced frosting. And at $3, it’s a sweet steal.

$2.99 at Pandolfi’s Deli, 538 Campbell St. in Columbus Park

Colorful cakes at Succotash

If you’ve ever watched the food fight scene from “Hook” and thought, ‘Man that rainbow-colored food looks


good,’ you need to eat brunch at Succotash and save room for dessert. The midtown “bruncheonette” has the most whimsical cakes you’ve ever laid eyes on in — in real life or in film. And it tastes as good as it looks.

$6.50 for a layered slice of rainbow cake. Prices and types of cupcakes vary at Succotash, 2601 Holmes Rd. in Kansas City

Thai Ice Cream Sandwich at Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop

This ice cream sandwich puts those boring chocolate-and-vanilla bricks in your freezer to shame. Three scoops of Glace Artisan Ice Cream in your choice of Thai-inspired flavors (Fried banana, Thai basil, Thai coffee, Orange-basil sherbet) are nestled into a sugar-dusted spiky bun that reminds me of

Bowser’s shell.

$6.49 at Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop, 2030 Central St. in the Crossroads Arts District

Peach Cake from Novel

This thoroughly Midwestern dessert tops pillowy peach cake with homemade ricotta, blueberry compote and crispy oats. Get it while it’s still in season.

$7 at Novel, 815 W. 17th St. in Kansas City’s Westside neighborhood

Dinosaur Egg ice cream from Sylas Maddy’s

Don’t let the turquoise color fool you — this ice cream tastes like an old-school vanilla malt, and the “dinosaur eggs” are actually Whoppers. Order it with a scoop of Apple Pie ice cream if you want a taste of this locally owned shop’s fall seasonals.

$3.45 for a single (which comes with two scoops) in a waffle cone at Sylas Maddy’s, with locations in Olathe and Lawrence

Enterprise reporter Sarah Gish writes dining and bar guides for Ink magazine. Email her your favorite dessert at or tweet @sarah_gish.

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