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Could cronuts be on their way to Kansas City?

09/18/2013 1:49 PM

09/18/2013 1:57 PM

Since cronuts

took over New York City and the Internet this summer, I’ve been scouring the metro for a donut shop that makes the croissant-donut hybrid pastry.

I’m sorry to report that, aside from a couple of Twitter friends experimenting with cronut recipes in their own kitchens, my search for local cronuts has come up drier than a two day-old powdered donut.

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to Bryan Merker, the chef/owner behind

Beignet, a popular New Orleans-style donut shop with locations in the River Market and on 39th Street. I was joking when I asked Merker if he planned to start selling cronuts at Beignet or his other restaurant, Lagniappe — Nica’s Cajun Kitchen.

“It’s pretty funny you say that,” Merker said, “because that actually might happen.”

Merker has been working to perfect his cronut recipe and has already snapped up several domain names, including

. He said he’s been infatuated with cronuts since the deep-fried craze hit this summer.

Merker isn’t positive that he’s going to open a cronut shop. And I haven’t heard of any local frozen custard shops attempting

Cronut Hole Concretes

. But there is hope, people – and that’s pretty sweet.

Sarah Gish writes the Dish with Gish dining column in Ink. Read the full column from this week’s issue here. Have you found cronuts in KC? If so, email or tweet @chowtownkc.

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