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August 3, 2013

Programs help provide access to fresh, locally grown food to everyone

Local food has many benefits.

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Local food has many benefits.

For shoppers, it’s access to fresh, healthy food and a chance to know the person who grew or raised it.

For farmers, the markets provide additional outlets to sell their goods and an opportunity to develop relationships with their customers.

Shopping and selling at farmers’ markets is key in developing a healthy local and regional food system.

Through National Farmers’ Market Week, August 4 – 10, and local initiatives that positively impact markets year round, farmers and retailers are showing their commitment to bringing fresh food to everyone.

Here are some of the participating programs and markets:

Beans Greens

Beans Greens

provides healthful, local foods through a double-value program that increases the purchasing power for recipients of Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program and Senior Coupons.

To create a robust local food economy, the community of non-profit, healthcare and urban agriculture officials who launched the program in 2010 also put farmers at the center of this economic opportunity.

Seventeen farmers’ markets participate in the Kansas City area and offer the match, dollar-for-dollar, up to a certain amount. Check with local participating markets because the match varies by market.

Beans Greens estimates nearly 20,000 shoppers and more than 200 local farmers benefit from the program.

Chipotle and National Farmers Market Week

Many local markets will celebrate National Farmers’ Market Week with activities such as chef demos and live music.

And 10 area markets will have Chipotle on site to hand out $10 Farmers’ Market tokens to the first 250 people at each market on Aug. 10 — except for the Waldo Farmers’ Market which will be on Aug. 7.

That’s right — free money for shoppers to spend at the farmers’ market, and $25,000 of direct impact for the Kansas City local food economy.

The participating markets:

• Brookside Farmers’ Market

• City Market Farmers’ Market

• Downtown Lee's Summit Farmers Market

• Independence Farmers Market

• KC Organics and Naturals Organic Market

• Liberty Farmers’ Market

• Lawrence Farmers Market

• Olathe Farmers’ Market

• Overland Park Farmers’ Market

• Waldo Farmers’ Market

Raised by generations of cooks, farmers and green thumbs, Andrea Shores is an enthusiastic eater and curious cook. She loves sharing her passion for local food by telling farmers’ and food purveyors’ stories.

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