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June 21, 2013

First day of summer calls for summertime blueberry pie

After the long cold spring we are now catapulted into summer.

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After the long cold spring we are now catapulted into summer.

It’s beautifully hot and humid which means blueberries are here.

Remember as a kid playing outside all day catching tadpoles, chasing butterflies — yes I really did that — or hunting for dinosaur bones in the woods. Only to be interrupted by a hungry belly.

As I rushed into the house there was always fresh fruit and my favorite was blueberries. They were my size, little petite pockets of flavor, juicy, tart, sweet and perfect.

Back outside I would go with my imagination trying to ward off my two older brothers until exhaustion. The grill would light and my mom would start hamburgers and the aroma would bring us kids inside.

At the end of dinner there they would be


with a dollop of whip cream and maybe angel food cake.

Now as an adult, those fond memories are all brought back with a single blueberry.

My choice dessert has gotten a bit more complicated with blueberry pie, but it is worth every butterfly memory.

Blueberry Pie Makes one 9-inch pie or four mini pies.

For the gluten-free crust

4 cups gluten-free baking mix 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon sugar or honey 1 cup butter or substitution 2 tablespoon flax seed meal plus 2 tablespoons water mixed 1/4 cup cold water 1/4 cup rice flour for dusting

For the filling

3 pints of blueberries 1 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice 2 tablespoons honey 1 teaspoon ginger 2 teaspoon cinnamon

To prepare the crust:

Mix together the gluten-free baking mixture, salt and sugar. Using a pastry cutter, incorporate the butter until the dough looks similar to cornmeal. Add the flax seed mixture and 1 tablespoon cold water. Mix well. If needed, add more water until a smooth ball forms. On a rice floured surface, knead dough for 2 to 3 minutes. Cover and set aside.

To prepare the filling:

Combine ingredients in a sauce pot and heat over medium low heat. Stir occasionally. When blueberries turn dark purple and start to split, mash half of them. Cook over low heat for an additional 5 minutes. Set aside.

To construct the pie:

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Grease the pie plate. Roll half of the pie crust dough to 1/8” thick. Place into pie plate, leaving excess dough on the edges. Roll the remaining dough 1/8” thick and cut into strips.

Pour blueberry mixture into pie plate. Cover with strips of pie dough in a diagonal pattern. Press the edges with fingers to seal and then trim excess dough. Bake in 425 degrees oven for 18 minutes or until golden brown

Source: Renee Kelly

Renee Kelly is the owner of Renee Kelly’s Harvest in Johnson County. Her passion lies in changing the food system, one plate at a time. Her inspiration is Mother nature and the many growers in the Kansas City area.

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