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Boulevard’s Saison-Brett beer hits taps, shelves today

05/21/2013 1:27 PM

05/21/2013 1:27 PM

Beer nerd alert: Saison-Brett, a limited-release Boulevard

brew, hits taps and retail shelves today.

The farmhouse ale, based on the Kansas City brewery’s popular

Tank 7

, is dry hopped and bottle conditioned with various yeasts, including a wild strain called Brettanomyces, according to a press release. The wild yeast gives the beer an earthy quality that pairs well with portobello mushroom, nutty Gruyere and English Stilton, a blue cheese.

Boulevard has already aged its supply of Saison-Brett for three months, but “further cellaring will continue to enhance the ‘Brett’ character” in the beer, the press release states.

In other words, this is a beer that gets better with age.

Saison-Brett, which comes out once a year in late spring or early summer, belongs to Boulevard’s small-batch Smokestack Series. In 2011, it won a gold medal in the French and Belgian-style Saison category in the 2011 Great American Beer Festival. According to the press release, it’s also one of brewmaster Steven Pauwels’ three favorite brews. Pauwels

told me last year

that Boulevard Pilsner, now called KC Pils, is the beer he drinks most often at home.

“I think when it comes to drinking beer, you’re so busy every day with it that it’s hard to make a click and just drink,” Pauwels said. “What I drink at home is pilsner. Because you don’t have to think about it too much. It’s just refreshing.”

Saison-Brett is available in 750-milliliter bottles at local liquor stores and on tap at bars that carry Smokestack Series beers. The bottles vary in price at local liquor stores, but most of the ones I’ve seen fall in the $8-12 range.

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