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A new collaboration beer is brewing in Kansas City

05/14/2013 12:25 PM

05/20/2014 10:44 AM

There’s a new collaboration beer brewing in Kansas City -- but this one’s not from Boulevard.

Santa Fe Brewing Company, a New Mexico microbrewery, is teaming up with Central States Beverage Company

, a local distributor, on a beer that will be on tap only in Kansas City bars later this year. The announcement comes in the midst of American Craft Beer Week, a nationwide celebration of local and independent craft breweries.

The brewing team includes three cicerones (or certified beer experts), two or three home brewers, and a chef. At least two of the team members are from Kansas City: Home brewer Corey Wood and chef

Josh Eans. Eans, the interim executive chef at The American Restaurant, was featured in Ink magazine as one of the biggest beer nerds in Kansas City.

The style of the microbrewery’s new collaboration beer hasn’t yet been determined -- but Central States marketing director Jon Poteet says it will likely be a “bigger beer” with a relatively higher alcohol content, or ABV. The beer doesn’t have a release date, but Poteet says it will likely hit Kansas City taps sometime between September and November. The beer will be conceptualized in Kansas City but brewed in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Brewing Company started distributing its beers, which include Happy Camper IPA, Imperial Java Stout, and Santa Fe Pale Ale, in Kansas and Missouri less than a year ago. Sidenote: A friend from Texas recently gave me a six-pack of Happy Camper IPA cans, and I’ve been hoarding them in my fridge. The beer has a bright floral, hoppy flavor and comes in a really cool, minimalist can (see photo).

In other beer collaboration news,

Boulevard is teaming with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. on Terra Incognita

, a Smokestack Series beer that hits shelves in mid-June.

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