What to do when a heavy LED bulb pulls down a ceiling fixture

03/21/2014 1:00 PM

03/22/2014 7:30 PM

I have decided to look into replacing some 65-watt floodlights in the cathedral ceiling of my home office with dimmable BR30 LED bulbs. The ceiling is cedar, and the fixtures are recessed with adjustable white eyeballs with black baffles. When looking at LED floodlights, I realized that they are heavier than the existing incandescent bulbs, and I don’t know if they generate more heat.

I bought one LED bulb to test and found that it pulled the fixture down about a half inch. Do I need to replace the fixtures, or can I attach the fixtures to the ceiling with some type of glue or small screws?

LEDs and compact fluorescent bulbs are much cooler than incandescents, and you can use either. Since the fixtures have flanges touching the ceiling, use small brass screws to hold the extra weight. Or, use the spiral-shaped compact fluorescent lights, which at 65 watts are lighter than incandescents. Get the CFLs that are dimmable.

We downsized from a 1787 house to one with vinyl siding. It now has greenish stains in shady spots, near downspouts, etc. We have been told the way to clean this is to have the house power washed. I remember reading in your column that power washing was not good for vinyl siding. Was I imagining your words? What is the best way to refresh a house with vinyl siding?

You remember correctly that power washing vinyl at full power and aiming upward can get water behind the siding, and long-present water can cause decay. You can power wash the green algae stains, as long as you aim the stream down, reducing the likelihood of getting water under the vinyl. Other treatments for algae include applying bleach, scrubbing and rinsing, or painting with vinegar, which will kill the algae so that it can be scrubbed off and rinsed.

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