How to deal with basement dampness

It is not water intrusion during heavy rains, but dampness. We don’t want to spend a lot of money to fix this problem. Some experts have suggested a new heating/cooling system. Others recommend really expensive work to create drainage along the walls


Securing a rimless kitchen sink

The sink does not fit tight against the underside of the granite, and it has to be caulked or it will leak. The contractor installed upright boards under the sink to hold it in place, but all that takes cabinet space and gets in the way.


Hand shower cradles a simple way to add comfort

Like anything else, you can get very fancy with custom brackets that need to be drilled into the shower walls or diverter valves for flow control to multiple shower heads. Or, you can just take a simple approach and install a shower cradle on the end of your shower arm pipe.


Sealing a sill may involve fiberglass insulation

When the leaf blowers come in the fall, we get a small amount of litter on the basement floor near one corner. We have searched for this opening in the dark basement when the sun is shining on the foundation, but can see nothing. Is the sill a place where airflow occurs? If so, how can the airflow be blocked, and whom should we hire to fix it?


Radon test kits are easy to use and could save your life

Using a simple test kit, available online or at major home stores, can be a lifesaver. First Alert’s Radon Test Kit is available for less than $20. Once the homeowner is aware of the rate of radon in the home, it is fairly simple to remove the gas by removing the air from under the home’s foundation and expelling it to the outside air using PVC pipes and a radon fan.

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