Leaky shower valve is all washed up

I have a very old shower stall. It has the original single-handle mixing valve, which constantly leaks. The last plumber who looked at it said parts are no longer available and it needs to be replaced with a new mixing valve. To do this will I have to open up the wall? Any other repair ideas I can explore to solve this issue?

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Handyman: How to gain storage in a limited space

We live in a small home with very limited storage. We have a garage but can never get the car inside because of all the junk we have in there. We don’t have the yard area for a storage barn. I have been told that storage in the attic ruins whatever is put up there. Is this true?


Finding the source of the leak

Every heavy rain, we get water coming in from the top of the first-floor windows. We have had many contractors come out to do work. They have replaced some windows, replaced some roofing, and have caulked things nonstop.


How to deal with basement dampness

It is not water intrusion during heavy rains, but dampness. We don’t want to spend a lot of money to fix this problem. Some experts have suggested a new heating/cooling system. Others recommend really expensive work to create drainage along the walls

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