Homeowners should have a plan for replacing appliances

Whether it’s a new car or a new home, appliances have a limited life expectancy and have to be repaired, maintained or replaced. I would suggest to all homebuyers that upon purchase of a home they should start a roofing and appliance replacement savings account.


Should I buy double or triple pane windows?

Look for Energy Star rated windows with a low E coating on both panes of glass, and check with your utility company to see if it is offering rebates on certain upgrades such as replacement windows or other energy-saving products.


Besides asphalt, what are the best driveway surfaces?

There’s no way around it; resurfacing a driveway is never a cheap undertaking. Choose asphalt and concrete or gravel/pebbles (crushed stone) for good service and good prices, but make sure you install a sturdy border of wood timbers or large concrete lengths to keep the latter in place.

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