Tips for designing a custom shower

A custom shower stall can be as simple as adding a personal hand spray unit or as complicated as installing electronic mixing valves with music and lighting. I’ve worked on many custom shower projects, and here are three basic tips.


Dealing with knob and tube wiring in older homes is tricky

Knob and tube is the earliest electrical wiring, basically designed to power light bulbs between 1880 and 1930. Its presence in houses has become an issue for many lenders and home insurers, and it causes delays in real estate transactions until large amounts of money are spent to replace it.


Taking a stand for an updated pedestal sink

Our old vanity bathroom sink needs to be replaced, and I want to replace it with a pedestal sink. Since I am the one who insists on this style, can you please tell me some nice features to look for when choosing a pedestal sink? This way I can make everyone in my family happy with the choice.

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