One layer of shingles or two? What to consider

My garage roof has shingles that are worn and weathered. Under what conditions would it be advisable to lay a second layer of shingles over the existing layer? I would assume there are cost savings doing this. There is currently only one layer of shingles on the roof and no leaks in the building.


Looking for a longer toilet bowl in a shorter space

We just moved into a home with a very small powder room for one of the bathrooms. The toilet in this powder room has a short toilet bowl to allow the door to swing open. I would like a longer bowl toilet installed. Is it possible to fit a longer bowl toilet in this tight space?


Kitchen additions can be creative and functional

Apron-front farmhouse sinks are the popular artist models for kitchen use because of the exposed front wall of the sink. The outside panel of the sink wall is a perfect area for adding accents and textures to help create the artist-edition look.


Handyman shares letters about readers finding critters in the toilet

Years ago I wrote a column about critters like reptiles and rodents climbing into drain piping systems and ending up in toilets. After that I received lots of letters from homeowners sharing similar experiences. I recently stumbled across that long lost pile of letters and thought it would be fun to occasionally run some of these stories. So please enjoy Ed’s “Tails from the toilet.”

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