Is linoleum stained or just in need of light?

If your floor is very old, most of those stains could be there to stay. On the other hand, Armstrong, which has been making linoleum floors for decades, recommends two of its products. If you are willing to spend some money, they might work for you.


Homeowners should have a plan for replacing appliances

Whether it’s a new car or a new home, appliances have a limited life expectancy and have to be repaired, maintained or replaced. I would suggest to all homebuyers that upon purchase of a home they should start a roofing and appliance replacement savings account.


Should I buy double or triple pane windows?

Look for Energy Star rated windows with a low E coating on both panes of glass, and check with your utility company to see if it is offering rebates on certain upgrades such as replacement windows or other energy-saving products.

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