New rules to cut amount of water used in dishwasher

New federal standards, which will become effective in January 2019, would require dishwashers to cut energy use 24 percent and water use 38 percent, leaving 3.1 gallons of water to clean an entire load of dishes in a normal wash cycle.


Keeping floors warm in winter

We live in a 20-year-old house over a crawl space. We recently replaced the heating and air conditioning. Our feet get cold in the winter, despite wearing heavy socks and slippers.


How to fix sticky doors

As homes age, the floors may settle or sag, and the doors may no longer fit squarely in the original framed opening. It’s the framed opening that has changed, and the door needs to be adjusted to fit squarely into the frame that is itself now out of square.


Tips for designing a custom shower

A custom shower stall can be as simple as adding a personal hand spray unit or as complicated as installing electronic mixing valves with music and lighting. I’ve worked on many custom shower projects, and here are three basic tips.

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