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June 13, 2014

Lake Quivira home tour features Bruce Goff house

It’s one of nine homes on the “Cottages to Castles” tour that takes place in a country club community that sits on a 224-acre lake and includes a private golf course. Residents like to note that no two houses are alike.

“Cottages to Castles” almost sums up the nine homes on the Lake Quivira Home Tour on Saturday. I say “almost” because it glosses over the singular style of one of its showpieces: a midcentury marvel designed by Bruce Goff in 1968.

It’s one of four homes in the Kansas City area designed by the avant-garde architect and one of about 75 that still exist in the nation.

Goff designed the home for Karl and Glenna Youngstrom. It changed hands a few times before John and Monica Faught bought it in 2011. They’ve been restoring it since.

According to Monica Faught, the previous owners had tried to make it a traditional home rather than showcasing its uniqueness.

Each room had different flooring — birch laminate, bamboo, carpeting — and had been painted a different pastel color.

“It was kind of a rainbow house,” she says. “The (walls) were originally mostly white, so we took it back to that. We lightened it up then came in with walnut floors.

“We wanted to honor the midcentury modern feel. It was pretty and made a lot of sense. It’s a lake house, and we have kids. Goff did a lot of carpet, but with kids and living on a lake that didn’t make sense.”

Faught says the open floor plan makes the home feel special. Their master bedroom, for instance, doesn’t have a door. The only rooms that do are their kids’ two bedrooms.

“There are a lot of unique homes in Lake Quivira, but this one certainly takes the cake,” she says.

They had finished a first phase of renovations in 2012 when KC Modern asked them to be part of a Goff home tour.

Lake Quivira Country Club, where the current home tour takes place, includes a 224-acre lake, private country club golf course, clubhouse and about 400 homes.

Peg Coughlin, a resident and spokeswoman for the tour, has lived in the neighborhood for four years. She bought John Faught’s previous home.

That’s not unusual, Coughlin says. Homes change hands within the neighborhood all the time.

“There are multiple generations out here, too,” she adds.

Most of the homes on the tour have been renovated or are new; they range in size from a smaller family home to one that has several outdoor living spaces.

“It has a castle-like look to it from the back,” Couglin says of the latter. “What’s unique is this is not a cookie-cutter neighborhood. No two houses are alike.

“We have everything from Goth-style homes to one that almost looks like a spaceship that was also built back in the 1960s. Then there are small ranches and lodges … it’s one of those communities where people are encouraged to show their individuality.”

Lake Quivira Home Tour

Where: The gates of Lake Quivira Country Club, 100 Crescent Blvd., Lake Quivira

When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the tour; 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the clubhouse luncheon:

Tickets: $15, tour only; $27, tour and lunch. Tickets can be purchased the day of the event

More information: Email or visit

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