Bacon belly bomb is a big hit

Never underestimate the power of bacon — or the Internet. A pork-on-pork recipe got started in KC, took the Internet by storm and is now getting attention on TV.

Sniffing out a bargain wine doesnít have to make your head hurt

While there seems to be consensus on several points, including geography, service and smart shopping, everyoneís taste is different, so drinking inexpensively means deciding what works on your palate and with your mood. The more you sample, and the more you look beyond the big-brand, no-surprise wines for variety and value, the more bargains you will find.

Eating for Life: Grilled Salmon Salad

Chefs use marinades to make foods tender and infuse them with flavor. But scientists have discovered marinades also act as a barrier to potentially carcinogenic substances that are created when meat and fish are cooked over flames. Using a marinade before grilling reduces HCA (heterocyclic amines) by 92 percent to 99 percent, according to American Institute for Cancer Research (

Eating for Life: Grilled Chicken Spiedini

Whether you order chicken spiedini at an Italian mom-and-pop ristorante or the Olive Garden, chances are good the benefits of grilling lean chunks of meat over an open flame will be overshadowed by the dish’s overall fat content.