Squeeze through lime inflation this spring

When it comes to cocktails, limes are a staple. They’re juiced for margaritas and daiquiris, muddled in caipirinhas and sliced to garnish all manner of drinks. Unfortunately, though, they’re an increasingly expensive essential.

Online cooking groups dish up friendships

Cooks are finding themselves tied together as much by mouse clicks as apron strings. Fostered by social media platforms, Web-based cooking communities have formed, offering friendship along with recipes, giving exposure to various members’ blogs and offering the possibility of cyberexchanges with famed cookbook authors.

Some Bordeaux vintages hit the jackpot

It was only a few years ago that the wine world was enticed to spend a fortune on 2009 Bordeaux; in the torrent of hype, Asian collectors joined in, and famous names began selling by the bottle for the same price they once sold by the case.

Crazy for coconut: A better kind of fat?

Not so many years ago, Western medicine demonized coconut oil as a saturated fat that significantly contributed to heart disease. Fast forward, and now even Dr. Oz has found a lot to like about coconuts, and especially their oil. Why are Oz and other nutrition educators jumping on the coconut bandwagon?

Cinder Block Brewery now offering ciders

North Kansas City’s new breweries are already expanding. The Cinder Block Brewery has added cider to its menu, and the Big Rip Brewing Co. has doubled its brewing capacity and plans to add a beer garden next month. In other news, a new barbecue restaurant called Q39 is set to join 39th Street’s restaurant row in April.

Italians get to the meat of the matter with bollito misto

bollito misto, or “mixed boiled meats,” is a feast to be savored over hours, bite by bite, sip by sip. Each of the meats has been cooked in the simmering broth until it’s perfectly done. And though the dish sounds dishearteningly plain, because of the quality of the ingredients, it has a clarity of taste that can be a revelation.

A real-deal bologna sandwich at Fritz’s Smoked Meats

Fritz’s Smoked Meats at 103rd Street and State Line is one of those places that’s been around so long that it’s easy to forget. If you haven’t been to the large wholesale-feel deli in a while, your stomach will thank you for putting it back in the lunch rotation, and you can always get a sandwiche for fiver.

The Boot, new to Westport, could use some polish

“I wanted to fall head over heels with the Boot, but I’m old school when it comes to love,” reviewer Jill Wendholt Silva writes of the new Italian restaurant in Westport by budding chef/owners Aaron Confessori and Richard Wiles. “I want something I can count on.”

Family finds relief in food desert

On Thanksgiving Day, The Kansas City Star profiled Jamie Svejda and her struggle to provide her family with nutritious foods. Soon after, an emergency room physician at St. Luke’s Hospital, where she works as a receptionist, called to offer her backpacks and drawstring bags to help carry the load.

The search for KC's top (hot) dog

Chicago is the capital of the Wiener Republic, and you really can’t get a bad dog in the city. But where in Kansas City can you find a hot dog that's worthy of the Windy City?